Has anyone ever been cursed or bewitched?

Cursed objects

Cursed objects

The most dangerous and treacherous cursed items are arguably those magical items whose intended functions are completely replaced by a curse. But even these things can prove useful as weapons or traps, for example. Some examples of cursed items are presented below. The description does not contain any manufacturing requirements, but refers to the type of magical item that it should have become if there hadn't been an obvious mishap during its creation. Cursed items can be sold like the things they appear to be, so long as the buyer is not aware of the curse.

Monkey hand

aura Strong universal magic; ZS 20
Equipment place None; Weight 1/2 lb


This mummified monkey paw offers the wearer three wishes, but at a terrible price. The hand can make any wish under the spell wish fulfill, but their curse twists the results in such a way that in the end all that remains is despair. For example, the desire to prevent a volcanic eruption in order to save a village from the lava could result in the magma chamber under the volcano emptying and the village disappearing into a huge caldera when the walls of the volcano collapse. If the wish is carefully formulated in order to avoid negative effects, the attempt will fail but will not consume a wish. When the monkey hand gives a wish, it twitches in the user's grip. After the third wish has been used, the paw loses its power for the person making the wish and his acquaintance, but regains it in the hands of a stranger in order to spread new curses.


None; this is a unique cursed item

Haunted doll

aura Average cognitive magic and necromancy; ZS 11
Equipment place None; Weight 1 lb


If you look at this rag doll out of the corner of your eye, her pretty, friendly facial expression is distorted into a malicious grin. The doll feeds on anger and violent feelings. If there is angry outbursts or fighting within 6 meters of the doll, there is a 5% chance that the doll's evil spirit will awaken and manifest as an Enhanced Poltergeist. When this happens, the doll becomes disembodied and floats in the air surrounded by the invisible poltergeist. The Poltergeist is tied to the place it appeared by the ability to be localized and instantly attacks everyone around it. If the poltergeist is killed, the doll immediately becomes physical again and falls to the ground, as its mind has been immobilized again for the time being. The mind of the doll can use the spell Summon spirit* be interviewed. Possession of a haunted doll causes troubled dreams full of prophetic doom warnings. Each night there is a 10% chance that the owner will have to make a will save against DC 20; if this fails, the owner cannot rest for the night and cannot regain any spells, stocks of points or other daily abilities.


Anatomy manikinARC, Atzduppe *, curse dollARC

Soul catcher mirror

aura Strong necromancy; ZS 15
Equipment place None; Weight 45 lbs.


This ordinary mirror measures roughly 1.20 mx 0.90 m and is similar to a counter mirror or soul mirror, but has no command word. A soul catcher mirror instead has 15 extra-dimensional departments inside. A creature that approaches the mirror within six feet and sees its own reflection must make a will save against DC 23; if it fails, the soul is sucked out of its body and locked in one of these departments. A creature unaware of the curse always sees its reflection. On the other hand, if she knows that the mirror is cursed and tries not to look in it, the chance that she will see her reflection drops to 50% (treat this like a stare).

While a creature's soul is captured, its body remains outside the mirror and is possessed by an evil spirit that behaves in a completely opposite manner to the normal behavior of the captured creature. Treat this spirit as the same creature, but with diametrically opposite attitudes and possibly other opposite factors - e.g. a paladin becomes an antipaladin. In the case of neutral characters, the spirit is either Chaotic Evil or Righteous Good (as determined by GM). The death of the body does not liberate the soul from the mirror, but should it ever be liberated, it immediately passes over to the hereafter, as there is no longer any body that anchors it on this plane.

Should the mirror's capacity be exceeded, a randomly determined soul will be set free and will immediately return to its body if it is still alive. If the mirror is destroyed (5 TP, hardness 1), all currently captured victims are released. As long as the mirror exists, a trapped soul cannot even use it wonder or wish be returned to their body.


Counter mirror, soul mirror

Insane hand

aura Strong necromancy; ZS 13
Equipment place None (replaces a hand); Weight 2 lbs.


That parched, shriveled hand ends in a tattered stump. If it is pressed against the stump of a humanoid who has lost his hand, the Mad Hand instantly connects to it and takes on a living appearance again. It shrinks or grows to accommodate the size category of its new owner and transforms into the lost hand type, i.e. it becomes a left or right hand. After waxing, an irregular scar remains and it has an unhealthy skin tone that identifies it as alien to the new owner.

Insane Hand attacks receive a +2 skill bonus on attack and damage rolls. Furthermore, as part of a full attack, the wearer can take a minus of -2 on his AC to carry out an additional attack with his hand and his full GAB. This benefit is not cumulative with similar effects, e.g. through Has. Weapons held in the Mad Hand (or both hands) also receive these benefits. The hand can inflict damage appropriate to the size of the wearer as part of slashing attacks (1d4 for a medium-sized creature).

However, a Mad Hand has its own malicious will that slowly takes control of its bearer. She has IN 8, WE 12 and CH 10, cannot communicate or think rationally and only knows an insatiable urge to destroy. After growing, she has an ego score of 5. At least once a day she tries to take an opportunity to murder a friend or innocent person without witnesses by trying to gain control of the wearer. If successful, she takes control of the carrier until she is able to carry out the murder or 5 minutes have passed, whichever comes first. The owner only remembers blinding anger and not the deed itself at this time, while the ego value of the hand drops back to 5. If the attempt of the hand to take control fails, the wearer feels anger simmering for a short time without being able to identify the reason or source. Every day that the hand cannot pursue its lust for murder and kill at least one creature with Intelligence 3 or higher, its ego value increases by 1. If the ego value exceeds 20, the hand lets go of all caution and tries to defend someone regardless of witness and risk to murder.

If the hand is denied the murder of friends or innocents for more than 30 days, it turns against its carrier. If she has the opportunity to sabotage it (e.g. if she could let go of a rope), she tries to gain control. It can take control while its bearer sleeps to strangle him or give him a coup de grace with a gun. She tries this a maximum of once a day. A wearer willing to slaughter the innocent can please the hand by finding an innocent victim and voluntarily relinquishing control to the hand.

Should the wearer attempt to get rid of the hand by destroying or amputating it, the hand will do its best to fight back. It makes attacks and one-handed maneuver throws for wrestling with the strength and dexterity of the wearer, to which its +2 bonus is added. The AC of the hand corresponds to the touch AC of the wearer, to which a size bonus of +4 is added, which is cumulative with the size bonus of the wearer. The wearer loses their GE bonus against the attacks of the hand, while the hand keeps it against the wearer. The hand's HP is 25% of its owner's HP. Becomes Break curse successfully cast on the hand, it cannot withstand amputation for 1 hour.


Hand of the magician, hand of glory, hand of stoneARC