How will search engine marketing develop?

Get started with search engine marketing: the advantages of SEO and SEA

It has not only accelerated since the beginning of the Corona crisis digital transformation with developments such as video conferencing, online learning, telemedicine or online shopping and advice. More and more areas of life are increasingly being played out on the Internet. The outbreak of the pandemic has reinforced this trend. Suddenly, even small businesses such as bookstores, clothing boutiques, craft businesses or healthcare providers have to rely on online presence, web advice and e-shops. Therefore should a Appearance on the web nowadays also a matter of course for small businesses, self-employed persons and founders. Do you want the Visibility and reach of your own business can be increased quickly Search engine marketing recommend.

Promote your website to the top ranks

If people need a product or are looking for a special service, they are researching the Internet more and more frequently. However, there are numerous providers for most products or services. Sites then not in the search index of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo appear, sink into the insignificance of the Internet.

In order to land on the top ranks of the search engine rankings and attract potential customers to your own website, SEA and SEO can help you.

Search engine marketing, in English Search Engine Marketing and abbreviated SEM, is made up of these two areas. SEA, so the Search engine advertising, stands for the English name Search engine advertising. SEO that Search engine optimization, stands for Search Engine Optimization.

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Keywords are the key to effectiveness

SEA is about switching Ads in the search engine results pages. SEO summarizes measures that serve to increase the visibility of your website and its content for users. These measures include, for example, correct and unique content, the use of suitable keywords or the Optimization of the page loading time. With SEA and SEO you have the opportunity to higher click rates and attract more potential customers to your site. The keywords already mentioned represent the key to the effectiveness of both marketing channels. They have to fit your company and the services offered, as users use them to search for specific topics and offers.

Recognize unused potential or errors

Many small companies, start-ups or self-employed people often try to look after as many company areas as possible themselves. In addition to administration and ongoing operations, they also take care of the website, SEA campaigns with Google Ads or Bing Ads and the search engine optimization of your own website. But especially at the beginning or for certain sub-areas, it can be useful if you Support from online marketing experts receive.

In the SEO area in particular, extensive knowledge is required in order to quickly identify unused potential or errors.

For example, the quality factor in the ads account can be improved, advertising wastage can be reduced, target group-relevant rankings can be optimized and thus more leads and sales can be generated.

Successful search engine marketing even with a small budget

Small businesses, self-employed people or founders opt for professional search engine marketing, you can often only plan a small budget for these advertising measures. And in large online agencies, companies with smaller budgets often fall by the wayside and receive less attention. The Key to Successful Search Engine Marketing does not lie in high advertising budgets, but in the professionalism of the campaign setup and an efficient advertising strategy. The focus should be on the most important tasks. For targeted search engine marketing It is therefore important to first determine the status quo of the company, analyze the market, thoroughly research the activities of the competition and find a suitable and individual campaign strategy to develop.

Andreas Karasek is an online marketing specialist and founded the SEM Consultants agency in 2015. The consulting company specializes in clients with low media budgets such as self-employed people and small businesses. In addition to search engine advertising (SEA), the agency offers search engine optimization (SEO) and website creation and support.