What is the difference between MBA and PGDM

Difference between a PGDM and an MBA


"PGDM" and "MBA" are advanced training courses offered by certain institutions for people who have already completed their bachelor's degree. The content and scope of the individual courses differ from one another.

PGDM and MBA: What They Stand For

"PGDM" stands for "Postgraduate Diploma in Management". It is a diploma course started in the UK, while “MBA” stands for “Master of Business Administration” is a doctoral degree, the highest postgraduate degree available.

PGDM and MBA: Where to Get Them

PGDMs can be obtained from business schools or other private institutions. MBA programs are now affiliated with universities and universities.

PGDM and MBA: Career Opportunities

MBA courses are far more recognized as courses. Graduates from MBA programs have more employment and career opportunities, not to mention they are also more financially rewarding.

PGDM and MBA: curriculum

PGDMs are based on practical knowledge, industry trends and requirements. The curriculum is flexible and usually tailored to current industry practices. The curriculum for a Master of Business Administration degree is very rigid and inflexible in the sense that it can be changed frequently. It is usually academically and theoretically oriented. Exams and other types of coursework are common.

Potential students can study full-time or part-time in both courses. MBAs can be further divided into different types: Executive MBA, accelerated MBA, distance learning or dual MBA.

PGDM and MBA: Admission Requirements

Admission to an MBA university is much more difficult than a PGMD course. PGMDs only require a bachelor's degree. But in order to take part in an MBA program, in addition to the bachelor's degree, one must pass the entrance exam and a personal interview. In many cases, referrals from colleagues or employees are required to assist in applying for an MBA program.

PGDM and MBA: The Scope

PGDMs focus on management. MBAs now focus not only on management, but on all aspects of a company, such as accounting, economics, finance, marketing and human resources. An MBA degree has more content and academic breadth compared to a PGDM.

PGDM and MBA: The Cost

Both may require the same length of study, but MBAs are more expensive than PGDM courses.


  1. Both MBAs and PGDMs are postgraduate courses that impart specialist knowledge in the industry. Both courses are often used as an advantage for the professional perspective.
  2. “PGDM” stands for “Postgraduate Diploma in Management”, a diploma course that represents a professional management approach. "MBA" stands for "Master of Business Administration", an academic approach to business.
  3. PGDM courses are usually offered by private companies and institutions, while MBAs are granted by a university or an affiliated institution. The MBA can be continued until a doctorate (or simply a doctorate).
  4. The PGDM curriculum is flexible and adapted to current industry trends and requirements. Meanwhile, the MBA curriculum is more rigid, science-based, and theoretical. As an academic degree, an MBA has a variety of required coursework such as exams, reports, and case studies.
  5. Stricter admission requirements apply to MBAs. Requirements include a bachelor's degree, interview, referrals, and passing an exam. A bachelor's degree may be a prerequisite for PGDM.
  6. PGDM and MBA students can be full-time or part-time. However, some MBA students can sign up for accelerated, executive, dual, or distance learning MBAs.
  7. MBAs cover many subjects related to the whole business sector, which includes economics, accounting, human resources, finance, marketing, and management. In contrast, PGDMs are primarily concerned with management.
  8. Both courses have different origins. PGDMs originated in the United Kingdom while MBAs were developed in the United States.