Which is the best map app

Navi Apps - The 3 best free apps in the test

There are a lot of cars on the streets, especially on vacation and holidays, and they all have the same problem: How do you get to your destination? It is better to have the route right in front of your nose. Fortunately, there are navigation apps. We tested which free app is perfect for your journey. The Navigator Apps are available for Android and iOS.

There are navigation apps in abundance. Some are available free of charge, with others you pay for additional functions. We have examined navigation apps according to their scope, features and other special features and found the three best maps apps for you. The following applies to all apps: Be careful when downloading, because the maps are large and should therefore only be downloaded via WiFi.

MapFactor: GPS navigation - The all-rounder

Available free of charge and equipped with many features, heard MapFactor to the top of the list of the best navigation apps. You always load maps for the respective country from the app. But the app offers even more. Night mode and the popular lane assistant ensure comfortable driving. The cards can be customized. Colors for roads and routes can be adapted as you like, even with which vehicle you are traveling - whether bicycle, truck or motorcycle.

The offline navigation also has integrated voice guidance in all languages ​​and points of interest can be called up. If you use the app online, you will receive live traffic reports and speed camera warnings.
Premium purchases also show alternative routes and remove advertising. A highlight is the use as a head-up display - HUD for short - in which the mobile phone display is projected onto the windshield.

  • can be used offline
  • practical lane assistant
  • free
  • partly confusing
  • all features only through in-app purchases

This way to your new navigation app:

HERE WeGo - Route Planner & GPS - The city navigation system

With the free app from the manufacturer consortium of the same name, you can specify whether you are traveling by car, bike or public transport. Even taxi-calling and car-sharing options are possible. Before you start, you will receive information about your route, including taxi costs or traffic jam reports.

If you can do without the live service, the maps for over a hundred countries and more than 1300 cities are also available offline for downloading. Partnerships with Car2Go, BlaBlaCar, Trip Advisor and others make your city trip easier. HERE is the perfect app for the city.

  • perfect for city trips
  • including charsharing options, taxi
  • many functions
  • Price function only online
  • Directional instructions partly imprecise

This way to your new navigation app:

MAPS.ME - The extensive one

The free navigation app MAPS.ME is especially suitable for cyclists and pedestrians. The navigation for motorists is quite spartan compared to other navigation apps and limited to the essential directions. The completely free offline maps are downloaded by district, city, region or whole country at the beginning of use - individually tailored to your personal internal memory.

Tourists in particular come along MAPS.ME guaranteed at their expense. Important places in daily life (POI) such as restaurants, hotels that can be booked directly via Booking.com, banks or supermarkets can be displayed on the map. Individual POIs also contain a more detailed description, further information or ratings from other visitors. Entire travel guides for short city walks, longer tours by bike or car and hikes can also be downloaded in advance for a fee.

  • can be used offline
  • perfect for tourists
  • many functions
  • Travel guide only for a fee
  • Spartan car navigation

This way to your new navigation app:

Conclusion - our test result

Now, of course, it depends on which navigation software you can use best. Testing is above studying. MapFactor: GPS navigation inspires us on the long journey and also helps in large city centers thanks to the lane assistant. HERE WeGo is particularly suitable for city travelers who are not only traveling by car, but also by various means of transport. Whether train, bus or taxi: With the free route planner app you no longer have to worry about how to get to the sightseeing spot. Pedestrians and cyclists and especially tourists are with us MAPS.ME well advised and informed.