How do I lose my double chin

Exercising the double chin: tips against the bacon rind

Slim protects against double chins? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

The causes of a double chin are of different nature. Sometimes even slim people are affected and want to get rid of a double chin. In such cases, hereditary factors play a role. Far more often, however, external factors are the cause of the fat pad between the chin and neck. These include obesity, sagging skin tissue and advancing age.

You now have two options, you can either train your double chin away or have it operated on. Before you endure an operation that is not entirely risk-free, which is also expensive, it is definitely worth trying it yourself. In particular, those who are overweight or have weak skin tissue can achieve good results.

Training the double chin away: exercise examples

A simple exercise that you can use to train your double chin away is this: First, assume a straight sitting position. Now grin broadly without opening your lips. Then, lift your chin up and stay in this position for five seconds. Then lower your head again while maintaining the tension in the neck. Repeat the exercise twenty times a day, best of all, and your bacon rind will warp over time.

Next exercise in the facial acrobatics workout: Roll your lips inward. Then pull the corners of the mouth back towards the molars. Do you feel the tension? Open and close your mouth slowly - about 20 to 40 times. You should raise your head about an inch each time. When the chin is back in its raised position and the last repetition has been completed, you should hold the tension for another 40 seconds. Get rid of the double chin? With this exercise soon no more wishful thinking.

Getting Rid of Double Chin: Quick Home Exercise

An exercise that everyone can do at home or in the office is this one: Tighten your skin under your chin by first massaging the unpleasant sloppy area a little to stimulate blood circulation. Then press your fist loosely against your chin from below and try to open your mouth against the pressure of your hand. The exercises with which you can train your double chin are not that difficult, right? As with losing weight, the key to success lies in doing the exercises regularly. If you want to lose weight overall, you can also switch to low-calorie snacks.