What is the best course after PHP

Learn to program PHP for beginners with lots of exercises and videos - PHP-Kurs.com

PHP is a very good programming language for beginners because it is easy to learn and results are very quickly visible. The PHP course presented here was created over the years to support my training courses.

Learn PHP for beginners with the PHP course

Compared to other programming languages, PHP enables beginners to get started quickly - learning PHP is easy. Nevertheless, complex applications and filigree programming are possible, which is also interesting for advanced users. If necessary, you can switch from procedural programming to object-oriented programming with PHP - knowledge from the beginning is a prerequisite, i.e. not unnecessary.

This website, the e-book for offline learning, the forum and the extensive videos on DVD help you learn PHP.

Why is this course available online for free to read?

Because I have been teaching the content in courses at the University of Tübingen for over 18 years and the up-to-date website is useful for course participants to read. The course is for all fields of study - so it is important to me that even non-computer scientists and every normal person can understand the course content - in other words, that learning is not for the cat.

As an aside: the one in the photo is me and the neighbour's cat bribed with malt paste (of course with additional vitamins).

And those who cannot take part in the PHP course on site (unfortunately only available for students of the University of Tübingen) can watch the course at home by video.

Video PHP tutorial: Learning PHP made easy with extensive tutorial videos

The videos have a total playing time of over 12 hours and provide a practical, direct introduction to PHP and more complex techniques. The connection between PHP and databases (MySQL) is shown. With lots of examples and uses, learning PHP becomes easy.

Structure of the PHP videos:

  • first will be the necessary theory conveyed
  • then it becomes what has just been learned a task in order to be able to apply the new knowledge directly
  • The next video will then the solution the task explained in detail

In this way, learned knowledge is deepened and applied directly. The tasks build on each other and the PHP commands and structures, which were initially unfamiliar, soon become part of the flesh and blood. Thus, sustainable learning is guaranteed!

The videos are the result of my many years of experience as a course instructor (and there are people who have not studied computer science in the courses!).

You can order the videos as a download and on data carriers.

Content PHP course / MySQL tutorial

After the requirements for learning PHP have been created (PHP development environment installed and editor selected), there is an introduction for beginners:

for PHP beginners

  • What does a PHP program look like
  • Output of texts
  • Variables (placeholders for content)
  • Calculations with PHP - back to elementary school and learn arithmetic :)
  • Date functions

for the advanced

  • Create mails via PHP (my program emails me)
  • if-else conditions
  • Create forms and evaluate them
  • Files - finally a visitor counter
  • Loops and repetitions (which computers don't get bored of)
  • Functions - how can I simplify programming for myself

Database MySQL tutorial

  • What is a MySQL database
  • Building a database
  • Address the MySQL database with PHP
  • Build and test MySQL Query
  • Create a comprehensive example: an appointment calendar for your own website

Framework of the PHP course

This page is being created parallel to my courses at the computer center of the University of Tübingen. Therefore (depending on the course requirements) there will always be extensions and additions here. So always stay on the ball when learning PHP.

Have fun learning PHP and the MySQL tutorial

wishes Axel Pratzner

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