Why does she avoid me online

She ignores me! Don't make any more mistakes now!

A short time ago you got along wonderfully and suddenly she is ignoring you. She is like a different person. You keep wondering what you could have done wrong, but unfortunately you cannot find a suitable answer.

Here are the main reasons why a woman suddenly ignores a man. You will also find out which mistakes you have to avoid immediately if you don't want to lose them.

Why you so far fail with women and like you a woman's heart really conquered:



Avoid the following 3 mistakes

For you, there may be no plausible reason why she's ignoring you right now. However, she will have one or even several reasons for her behavior and therefore it is particularly important that you do not reinforce her reasons or even provide for new reasons.

1. Don't run after her

First of all, the most important thing is that you withdraw. Chasing after her now if she ignores you will only make matters worse.

If she ignores you then she only wants one thing from you right now: distance. So you give her that distance.

2. Stay away from WhatsApp & Co.

Do not write her messages via WhatsApp or call her. Many men make the mistake and want to know the reason for their behavior from the woman.

Questions like "Why are you ignoring me?" or "What I have done wrong" will move the woman further away from you. Plus, she'll get annoyed by such questions.

That's why you should leave her alone for now. After all, your goal should be for her to associate you with predominantly positive emotions.

3. Don't be a stalker either

Any action of approaching her will only put you in a bad light. You should definitely avoid driving to her home, ambushing her at a sports club, or visiting her at work.

7 reasons why she ignores you

Now that you know which mistakes you absolutely have to avoid, we come to the 7 possible reasons why she is ignoring you.

1. She doesn't find you attractive (anymore)

You are no longer a challenge for them. You likely made at least one of the mistakes above as well. It's time you made yourself interesting to the woman.

First you have to know what women want. In principle, women are on the lookout for the so-called alpha male. The alpha male has all the important characteristics that are particularly attractive to women. Here are some traits of a true alpha male:

  • He has leadership qualities
  • He is brave
  • He is dominant
  • He has excellent social skills
  • He pays attention to his body language
  • He has both feet firmly on the ground

Perhaps you had at least tried to exude such qualities during the getting to know each other, but after a while, she had realized that you are not who you seem to be.

It is therefore also important that you do not fool the woman. Sooner or later, she'll get to know your real personality anyway.

In order to have these qualities, you have to develop your personality throughout your life. It will not be possible to acquire the qualities of an alpha male in a short period of time.

2. It's not up to you

Their ignorance towards you doesn't always have to have something to do with you. Of course, you have to distinguish whether she ignores you exclusively or all of her fellow men.

If the latter is the case, then it may just be that she is in a bad mood or is struggling with some kind of problem. She may have to prepare for an important exam, or a family member may be ill.

Of course, it is then not fair if she behaves this way towards other people. In such a situation you can't do anything except give her the time she needs. She just isn't into flirting with other men right now.

3. She is in love with someone else

You won't want to read this possible reason now, but it is entirely possible that she has fallen in love with another man. You have to be aware that especially very desirable women are constantly being swarmed around by many men at the same time. Ultimately, she has to choose just one man.

If she just didn't make up her mind, then you are likely to be bent on the inside by now. Therefore, to avoid this condition, you should never focus on just one woman once you are just getting to know each other.

4. She ignores you on WhatsApp

Have you ever heard of a so-called "shit test"? It's entirely possible that she's deliberately keeping you waiting a little on WhatsApp to test you out. Now you will ask yourself what exactly she wants to test with you.

She wants to test whether you can mentally handle it when it takes a little longer to answer you on WhatsApp. This test exposes insecure men in no time at all.

Many men just can't stand it when the woman suddenly stops answering. You will then text her several messages in a row to get her attention. Unfortunately, with such behavior, they shoot themselves straight out of bounds. They cry like a little baby that has been taken away from their lollipop.

There's only one way you can pass her shit test. You can only pass it if you just do NOTHING and stay cool. Yes, you heard right, just don't do anything. Either she's into you, then she'll answer you at some point or she won't.

Nothing makes you as unattractive as when you shower her with messages just because she takes longer to reply.

Even if she answered you at some point, you still haven't passed her test completely. Another mistake is when you react too quickly to their message. She will then think that you have nothing else to do in your life than to wait longingly until she finally gets back to you.

It is best if you also need longer to answer. However, it doesn't make sense if it takes you exactly as long to answer as they do.

As a rough rule of thumb, you can simply pack around 15% of your time on top and your behavior will no longer look predictable to them. Ideally, you're just so busy that you didn't have a chance to text her right away.

5. You are too nice and nice

Before she ignored you, you thought everything was okay and everything was going according to plan. Could it be that you were just too nice and nice to her?

Women are looking for a real man who will not only handle them with kid gloves and also not treat them like an easily fragile creature.

Too nice men often exhibit the following behaviors:

  • You put the woman on a pedestal that is too high
  • You are never naughty or teasing the woman
  • They always give the woman one or invite her to dinner
  • You are always ready to help (as a taxi driver, IT specialist or car mechatronics technician)
  • They always listen to their problems obediently and always try to help (emotional tampon applies here best)
  • You keep asking for a meeting
  • You make a confession of love far too early (preferably before both of them are in bed)
  • They align their everyday life with it and always have time for it

If you feel addressed in one or more of the points mentioned, then you can already guess why the woman might ignore you.

6. The sexual attraction is absent

Even if you weren't too kind and nice, sexual attraction may be lacking. Women also call it "To have butterflies in one's stomach".

Maybe during the date you just didn't dare to physically get closer to her by starting to touch her and eventually kissing her. First-date sex shouldn't be impossible for you. The least that has to be included on the first date is kissing.

If there is no first kiss on the first date, then the probability is very high that the spark has not jumped between you and thus a second date will no longer take place.

7. She ignores you after an argument

When a woman punishes you with ignorance after an argument, she wants to show you that you have made a mistake and that you should now suffer from it. Sometimes it is even so that you are not even aware that you did something wrong and all of a sudden she ignores you.

If you know that you treated her wrongly, apologize for it. But only really apologize if you are really sure that you made a mistake.

What to do now if you don't want to lose her

When a woman ignores you, the most important thing is that you avoid all contact with her first. A tough contact block is best.

You will now ask yourself how you can win her back for yourself if you are not allowed to have contact with her. This is exactly where the key to success lies. She doesn't have a good picture of you right now, which makes her ignore you.

Under no circumstances should you write to her via WhatsApp or ask her why she was doing this. You have to overcome your inner weaker self and stand firm!

The moment you make up, you give her the opportunity to reconsider the whole thing. Above all, she will suddenly wonder why you are no longer “chasing after her”.

If other women are also interested in you and she happens to get wind of it, she will be afraid of missing out, since you seem to be a desirable man after all.


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