How was Dow Jones founded

Dow Jones Index

Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Dow Jones Index. Development of the Dow Jones Industrial Average
Stock index named after the American business journalists Charles Henry Dow (* 1851, † 1902) and Edward D. Jones (* 1856, † 1920), calculated as the average of the share prices of selected, high-turnover companies (30 industrial, 20 transport and 15 utility companies ) on the New York Stock Exchange. The "Dow" is published every trading day by the American media company Dow, Jones & Co.

This index is understood to mean both the overall average for all three groups (composite average) and the indices for each of the three groups: in addition to the transportation average and the utility average, especially the Dow Jones Industrial Average. This stock index was first calculated in 1884 by Dow, then editor-in-chief of the Wall Street Journal, and has been published since 1897. The index has been determined in its current form since 1928. The "Dow" is particularly indicative of trends in the American stock market and the American economy.

There is also the Dow Jones World Stock Index, which represents the prices of 2,200 stock corporations from several countries, and the Dow Jones Global Titans Index, a stock index for the 50 leading global companies with great growth potential . In addition, Dow, Jones & Co. was involved in the STOXX® index family (see there).

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