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Dear coaches - let your light shine!


In this wonderful time, in which thousands of lights give even the darkness a warm glow, in which there is a gingerbread smell of Christmas, in which white flakes dance their dream and bright sounds touch our heart - in this time of abundance we are more urgent than ever to make other people happy. Do you know that too?

It is a time when I, as a coach, realize anew every year how fulfilling our job is, because we are allowed to carry compassion and zest for life into the world all year round. I am grateful to be able to contribute day after day as a coach so that people can find their strength, that they can find their way to heal injuries, that they can discover their potential and realize their dreams. What a gift!

It is a time when I am particularly pleased that all the coaches we train contribute to making the world a little brighter every day. Perhaps they succeed in this so well because they have found the courage to discover their own light and to show themselves to the world with their calling.

I wish you - together with the whole living sense team - an equally fulfilling and luminous time full of gratitude and courage to let your light shine.

Sincerely, Julia Cattai



Christmas Meditation Invitation - A Light of Love


December 22nd, 2017 - You are very welcome to enjoy a festive Christmas meditation with us on this evening in Zurich. After the meditation we toast the festival of love with a fine glass of Prosecco. We ask you to register - the number of places is limited. Link - also to be found under the heading "popular courses"


Trial day - We give you a free workshop!


Make a quick reservation - on December 15th, there are still few places available in Bern for individual workshops! Let yourself be enchanted by a wide range of offers from the coaching institute living sense and the academy for integreal consciousness Soul Sense. Book here: Link - also to be found under the heading "popular courses"


Christmas surprises full of light - give a piece of the future


Fulfill a special person's dream of coaching training or give "time for yourself" with one of our retreats. We would be happy to issue you an education voucher of the desired value for your loved ones. Each voucher is designed individually. We are happy to receive your wishes for the text. Order your voucher at [email protected]