Find the piano playing relaxing

Learning to play the piano with daycare children

So there is a lot to suggest that even small children learn to play the piano. But how is that even possible in day-to-day daycare? In an earlier guest post, Prof. Dr. Lars Oberhaus pointed out that the subject of music only plays a minor role in the training of educators these days. Only early childhood education professionals who are already enthusiastic about music would usually be willing to further qualify themselves accordingly. In his opinion, there are also far too few trained teachers for elementary music education (EMP).

The younger children in particular are particularly open and curious to learn new skills - even when learning an instrument such as the piano. It is important to support this curiosity in order to keep the children enjoying the music.

New technologies promote fun in music

Some daycare centers cooperate with the local music schools, others afford a music specialist who comes to the daycare center regularly to make music with the children. But in times of tight financial resources and contact restrictions, these offers are also becoming rarer. Playing the piano in particular seems exotic at first glance in the daycare context - very few daycare centers will probably have a piano.

One solution to enable children to learn this instrument anyway is the online offerings that have emerged in recent years. This does not mean the countless video tutorials on the Internet, but apps that can be used on the computer or mobile device to learn to play the piano. These offer numerous advantages: They also introduce beginners to the piano in a playful way, provide interactive feedback on learning progress and allow users to progress at their own pace in a relaxed manner.

Learn piano with an app

In conjunction with an inexpensive keyboard or e-piano, even the youngest can try their hand at the keys in daycare and celebrate musical successes. Because with an app, the musical units can be integrated into everyday daycare at any time, regardless of the time of day and the number of groups. An app for learning the piano is not only very flexible, but also very patient as a "piano teacher".

Piano in the day care center - completely relaxed

But learning to play an instrument, especially the piano, not only promotes language development, cognitive skills, concentration and better social behavior in kindergarten children. It is also good for the soul: playing the piano in a relaxed manner, because it has been shown to lower blood pressure. In this way, children and educators can easily play away the stress of everyday life.