What are the cons of video games

An internet search leads to different results.

By Vahit Ceylan, 8a, Albert Schweitzer School

“Gambling makes you stupid!”, “Gambling worsens your school grades!” And “Gambling is unhealthy!” Are among the most common statements that many parents say when they think about gambling. But is it really like that? Does gambling really have so many disadvantages? Or are there also advantages?

Gambling is a widespread topic among teenagers these days, but it also affects children and many adults. The best-known consoles that are played or "gambled" here are Playstation and XBOX. Now let's get back to the question of whether there are any advantages to gaming.

According to my research on the internet, there are actually benefits. For one, a 2010 study found that video games can relieve pain. The study reported that people with cancer, in particular, were able to reduce stress significantly more through such games.

It has also been proven that video games can be of great help with mental illness. It was found that such games should help adolescents to get them out of their depression. Parents can also benefit when their children gamble.

Because even if you complain about it, it doesn't bother you too much in the end, as it gives you a little time for yourself. Furthermore, gambling improves a child's ability to concentrate, it promotes teamwork, for example by playing online with other players, and it is used to pass the time.

I also have to admit that I really enjoy gaming. I am already aware that it naturally also has disadvantages, such as that eyes and school grades could deteriorate and that it could also clearly trigger an addiction, but with the help of this text I wanted to make it clear to many that gambling is not only disadvantageous but also many advantages.

It is important that one should just try not to get addicted and distinguish the virtual world from reality. It should also be noted here that the school in particular should not be neglected.