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jersey (English pronunciation [ˈdʒɜːzɪ], French pronunciation [ʒɛʁˈzɛ], Norman Jèrri [dʒɛrɪ]) is the largest and, with a good 100,000 inhabitants, at the same time the most populous channel island. It is located in the English Channel in the Bay of Saint-Malo, around 150 km from Great Britain and around 25 km from the west coast of the Cotentin peninsula in northern France. The distance to the other Channel Islands is 28 km to Guernsey, 20 km to Sark and 50 km to Alderney. Jersey is the sunniest of all the British Isles and has extensive beaches. The capital is Saint Helier.

Like the other Channel Islands, Jersey is neither a part of the United Kingdom nor a crown colony, but as a crown possession (English crown dependency) subordinated directly to the British Crown. For this reason, the Channel Islands as a whole are separate legal entities and not part of the European Union (EU), but are treated as part of the EU in trade and customs issues. However, Jersey does not belong to the European tax area for excise and VAT, which is why import sales tax must be paid at customs for imports from Jersey into the EU.

The island belongs to the self-government with the smaller islands Minquiers and Ecréhous Bailiwick of Jersey (in German about Bailiwick of Jersey, Self-designation: States of Jersey). The Bailiwick of Jersey also includes other groups of islands and rocks that are not permanently inhabited today: These are primarily Pierres de Lecq and Les Dirouilles as well as other islands in the south and southeast.

Other Channel Islands in the area belong to the Bailiwick of Guernsey.