Who was your banking partner at school

We have now forwarded your loan application to our banking partners for a final review. I just wanted to ask what they are checking?

Hello Compaq123456,

I am assuming that the sentence "We have now forwarded your loan application to our bank partners for final examination" comes from your loan broker.

What exactly the respective bank checks depends, among other things, on what kind of loan you need.

In the case of a consumer loan, your creditworthiness is particularly checked. This means that the bank looks at your income and offsets the whole thing against your expenses or certain flat-rate expenses. After the deduction, there should still be enough buffer left over each month in order to be able to comfortably service the loan installment.

In addition, lenders pay attention to whether further loans exist or have existed and whether these have always been reliably paid off in the past. In this context, a Schufa query is often carried out.

If you apply for a real estate loan, there are additional points. Since the property serves as security, the bank also checks the property intensively with the help of extensive documents (construction drawings, living space calculations, etc.) or, if necessary, sends an appraiser over.

Which documents the individual lenders need and what the banks focus on can differ significantly depending on the bank.

The best thing to do is to ask your advisor directly again what the lender he has selected for you is important to.

I hope I was able to help you with this.

Best wishes

Mario from Interhyp AG