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Claims adjuster as a challenger at Quizmaster

Bernhard Schager and Kurt Kraxner have been working as claims adjusters at faircheck for over 10 years. In an interview, they talk about their appearance as a challenger at Servus TV Quizmaster in May and September 2017 and why the knowledge they have acquired from the profession of claims adjuster can be an advantage at quiz shows.

As a claims adjuster, you are on site for an assessment after a loss event and ask all the questions that are necessary to assess the situation. This time it was the other way around and you got the questions. Have you been able to convert your knowledge into cash?

Bernhard Schager: The show itself is not just about knowing a lot, it's also about being quick to press. If there are four possible answers, you only have a twenty-five percent chance with a chance hit. I didn't become a quiz master, but it was an experience.

Kurt Kraxner: It was a great experience for me. I was allowed to compete against the quiz master as a challenger. Quizmaster Dagmar was very quick. She defended her title for three more weeks after me. In total, she earned over € 50,000. If you want to overtake someone who is that fast, you may run away because you cannot quite finish reading the question. The reading speed ultimately decides.

How can you actually take part in Quizmaster or how did you get into it?

Bernhard Schager: My wife signed me up. She said that I'm so smart anyway and always know everything better, then I should let off steam and translate my knowledge at face value. Fortunately, I'm not a scared guy and I am not intimidated by cameras and the like that quickly.

Kurt Kraxner: I'm an old quiz fan. Even as a teenager, one of my favorite games was Trivial Pursuit. In the beginning I watched Quizmaster. Later I played online and realized that I wasn't that bad after all. Then I just applied - on a whim. About a week after my application I received a letter telling me that I should now apply online. After that I didn't hear anything for a long time, until suddenly I received a call - I was just on a tour - asking if I would be there “next Friday”. Of course I accepted.

Did your professional knowledge from claims settlement help you with the quiz show?

Bernhard Schager: As a claims adjuster, you already have a wide range of knowledge. I've been in this job for 10 years now. There isn't much left that I haven't seen. Not only structural engineering and scientific topics play a role, but also a lot of general knowledge from other areas, for example the knowledge that is required for the valuation of antiques and jewelry.

Kurt Kraxner: You should definitely have a certain general knowledge and that also helps me in my job as a claims adjuster. Even as a child I read a lot and didn't skip any section, so I was able to develop a broad general knowledge. As a claims adjuster, you will then see an incredible number of things and learn new expressions.

The first quiz show on TV is behind you. Did you get a taste for it?

Bernhard Schager: It used to be something different. It's interesting to see what's going on behind the camera or how such a show is done. After a short training session, you will be given a microphone and off you go. You can only take part in the Quizmaster once. But basically: "Never say never!"

Kurt Kraxner: I guess so. Before the show, I thought I was going to be incredibly nervous on the spot, but it wasn't at all. When recording, I was relaxed until the end. The cameras didn't intimidate me. In the mask, everyone was surprised that I wasn't sweating at all. My next goal is: "The Millionaire Show".

To the faircheck claims adjuster team.

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