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Pink crystal salt from Pakistan chunks

What exactly is our pink crystal salt from Pakistan

Our crystal salt is a rock salt. This means that it is mined in salt mines. Its pink color, which has also earned it the name Pink Salt, is due to the iron ions it contains. You can use the salt as classic table salt, make brine for cooking or inhalation, or use it as an additive in bath water. There are almost no limits to this natural product.

Where does our pink crystal salt come from?

The formation of the salt coincides geographically and temporally with the formation of the Himalayan Mountains. The Indian continental plate collided with the Eurasian plate about 220 million years ago. This shifting of the plates led to the formation of severed partial seas, which then dried up over time. The salt bound in the sea has deposited on the sea floor with increasing evaporation and thus formed layers of salt several hundred meters thick.

This salt layer is known today as the "Salt Range". The Salt Range is a low mountain range in the Punjab region of Pakistan. Pakistan is bordered in the north by the Himalayas, the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram Mountains. In the south, Pakistan has access to the Arabian Sea.

The salt has been mined about 200km southwest of the Himalaya massif for generations. Despite the hard physical work in a salt mine, the mining of crystal salt is a particularly desirable profession in this region. He ensures the families an above-average income and reputation.

Along with crude oil, natural gas and coal, salt is one of Pakistan's most important export goods. Currently around 5,000 tons of salt are produced every day. The deposits are estimated at around 600 million tons.

The quality of our salt

With us you can rely on the quality of the salt. Our producers in Pakistan are one of the few ISO9001 and HACCP certified. So you can always be sure of the best quality. This quality standard benefits not only you, but also the producers, who are rewarded with fair prices for their goods. In addition, our crystal salt complies with the Codex Alimentarius. The Codex Alimentarius is a collection of international food standards developed by the United Nations Agricultural and World Health Organization.

How can you buy our crystal salt from Pakistan

Our high-quality table salt is available in 3 different grain sizes:

  • fine (for the salt shaker) - with a grain size of 0.3mm - 0.5mm
  • granulated (for the salt mill or for use as a salt bath) - with a grain size of 3mm - 5mm
  • Chunks (for use as brine) - with a grain size of 2cm - 5cm

With its mild taste, it is the ideal everyday companion in the kitchen.