What do bananas grow on

How do bananas grow

Bananas do not grow on trees, but on perennials. Unlike a tree, they do not have a trunk made of wood. You have a pseudo trunk. Like huge fish scales or half-rolled roof tiles, the large, very stiff leaves of the banana plant stick close together. That then looks like a trunk. This pseudo stem made of leaves is very stable. The canopy of the banana tree begins at a height of one to three meters. Banana plants have no branches. The banana tree does not have thick and branched roots like a tree, but only fine ones.
A banana plant only bears fruit once in its short life and then dies. The fruits do not contain seeds and no new banana plants can emerge from them. Before the banana plant dies, it forms saplings that develop into large perennials again. The banana only reproduces by division and not sexually.

But there are wild bananas, the ancestors of the cultivated bananas, which form seeds. A banana plant can grow up to 6 meters high, depending on the variety.
(If you move the mouse over the picture, you can see the banana tree schematically and as a photo)

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