How do I delete an old Windows file

Windows Windows 10: delete windows.old - this is how it works


After upgrading Windows 7 or a major update, Windows 10 automatically saves the outdated Windows version as a backup for a while. In this way, you can undo an update within 10 days of installation.How to uninstall a Windows 10 update is explained in this guide.

What is Windows.old?

The old Windows files are saved in the windows.old directory. In itself, this is a good backup of Windows. However, it also has a disadvantage: the old Windows files can take up a lot of storage space. You can therefore delete the windows.old directory by hand before the automatic cleanup - at least if you are sure that you no longer need the files.

Note: For the normal user, this method works very well. But if you use a Windows Inside build, it won't work. With an inside build, you receive updates from Windows in advance that may not be fully developed and have therefore not yet been distributed to all users. In such a case, a cleanup program such as MoveOnBoot can help.

Delete windows.old directory

Follow our step-by-step instructions or take a look at the quick start guide.

quick start Guide

  1. Open Windows Explorer with the key combination [Windows] + [E]. Then on the left click on the section "This pc".
  2. Click the right mouse button on the hard diskyour Windows system is installed on.
  3. Then go to "properties".
  4. A new window will now open. Here you have to go to the already selected tab "Generally"on the button"Clean up"click.
  5. Then select "Clean up system filesYou may have to enter your admin data.
  6. In the list with the files to be cleaned in the tab "Disk cleanup"just a tick at"Previous Windows installation (s)"to remove the windows.old files.
  7. Then click on "OK"to start the cleanup.
    Danger: Only do this if you are sure that you no longer need your old Windows 10 files.