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Oral surgery

Wisdom teeth removal

The wisdom tooth is the third large molar and is the last tooth in the row of teeth in the upper and lower jaw between the ages of 16 and 24. If there is enough space, the wisdom tooth can take its place and is considered a full-fledged tooth. Unfortunately, the position, shape and size of the wisdom tooth can vary greatly, so that the tooth cannot classify itself properly.

If the wisdom tooth remains in the jaw due to insufficient space or a developmental disorder or only partially manages to penetrate the surface, inflammation and complaints are common.

As soon as it is foreseeable that there is a lack of space and the wisdom tooth cannot erupt without complications, early removal is advisable. Wisdom teeth are removed in good time, especially to ensure the success of an orthodontic treatment.

The ideal age for wisdom tooth extraction is between 15 and 20 years.

As before any surgical intervention, before a wisdom tooth removal is carried out, a detailed informative discussion takes place in order to discuss the individual situation, risks, process and the patient's behavioral measures before and after the procedure.

Dentists specializing in oral surgery are specially trained to safely and painlessly remove wisdom teeth deep in the jaw.

You are therefore in good hands with us.