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Email Etiquette: How To Improve Your Email

The e-mail etiquette also includes rules of conduct for replying to messages. Most programs and web services provide two buttons for this: “Reply” and “Reply all” (or “Reply” and “Reply all”). What is happening there? "Re:" or "AW:" is automatically added to the subject line, indicating that it is a response. Finally, the programs insert the original content of the mail into the new text, marked as a quotation. In addition, the sender's e-mail address is placed in the address line (and if you want to reply to everyone, also the addresses of everyone else who received the original e-mail) So what exactly do you have to consider when replying to an e-mail?

  • Reply All: Always ask yourself before you press the “Reply all” button after reading a group e-mail: Is my answer really interesting for all recipients? You can save a lot of people unnecessary work by only reaching those recipients who are interested in your response.
  • re: "Re", Latin for "concerning a matter", is intended to show the recipient that he is dealing with a reply to his original message. Now what happens if he answers again? “Re: Re:” appears, and it goes on and on. Feel free to tidy up the subject line if it starts to get cluttered.
  • Citation levels: The same applies to the quoted text of the original mails. Longer conversations result in very long, nested text monsters that consist of numerous quotation levels. That is why it can make sense to clean up here too. Be careful when doing this. Important information should always be sent along - especially if you refer to it directly.

The ideal Time window for answering There is no e-mail, after all, you usually do not know at what time the sender checks his e-mail. The high frequency with which e-mails can be sent back and forth sometimes gives the impression that you are under time pressure to answer. However, if the sender urgently and promptly needs an answer, a phone call is often the better choice.

Already know you won't be able to reply in the next 24 hours, but it seems like an important matter? Then give brief feedback that you would like to answer in detail, but that you need more time.

A common function of e-mail services is Autoreply: an automatic reply to all incoming messages. You write the text of this automatically sent reply e-mail in advance. It makes sense to use this function, for example, if you cannot take care of answering your e-mails for a long time. That is why this function is often used as well Out of office noticeWith this you can, for example, inform everyone you write to by e-mail that you will be on vacation and for how long. But don't forget to turn off the automatic message as soon as you've returned. Under no circumstances should an autoreply be set up to send confirmations of receipt.