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Why Skyrim is still king of role-playing games after 9 years (column)

Skyrim is still extremely popular today. Image source: Getty Images / amoonrae

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim is one of the most influential games of the last decade. Despite its age, it is still relevant today and casts its spell on gamers on Reddit and YouTube as well. In this article I want to answer the question of why RPG is immortal.

Skyrim is a flawed masterpiece

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim celebrated its ninth birthday on November 11, 2020. As one of the best games of 2011, it can look back on an impressive career today. That it still holds its status as role-playing king today, it has it loyal community Thanks to.

The Elder Scrolls | 1994 until today

The developer Bethesda laid the foundation for success. Skyrim continues to fascinate players to this day because the vast world holds more secrets than can be discovered by a single person. Self Veterans with over 1000 hours of gameplay are still surprised by the numerous chance encounters.

Skyrim is also remembered by many because it is is not a perfect game. Too many bugs can be annoying, but at the same time create unique moments. The crazy physics engine will do the rest and also let dragonflies steal horses.

Even in my first game, not everything went smoothly. The Companion Farkas wanted to help me hunt a dragon. However, since I had already killed the beast, I could not complete the quest and the fierce warrior never left my side. For weeks we fought draugr together, explored Dwemer ruins and robbed innocent citizens. Through the bug, Skyrim forced a co-op experience on me that I would never have had without him.

Dragons in Skyrim are even more terrifying with certain mods. Image source: Steam Workshop / Really Useful Dragons

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The community keeps Skyrim alive

However, fans also had to take on the tiresome task of fixing some of the less fun bugs themselves. The community is not discouraged by this and continues to develop on its own. Today you can find countless mods on Steam and NexusMods that you can use to transform Skyrim into a completely new game. Are you looking for a better user interface, nicer graphics or a mod that supports the Kite replaced by Thomas the locomotive? The community thought of you and fulfilled your wishes.

On Reddit, Skyrim can be found over one million followers who continue to talk about the nine-year-old game every day. Late newcomers receive valuable tips and veterans share their fun experiences from Skyrim.

Skyrim continues to be popular on YouTube. The Let's Player Gronkh only started its run this year. Even though it has been playing for over 300 episodes, it attracts tens of thousands of viewers. Due to the many mods, Skyrim is hardly recognizable.

Other YouTubers tend to focus on that absurd sides of the game. The Spiffing Brit reveals to his viewers how they can take advantage of the many ill-conceived mechanics to become a magician with divine powers. Doug Doug goes one step further and pushes Skyrim to its limits by flooding the world with cheese.

Skyrim needs more cheese. Image source: Doug Doug

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Where's The Elder Scrolls 6?

The continued popularity of Skyrim can also be explained by the fact that there are still no signs of life for the next entry in "The Elder Scrolls" series. Since an announcement trailer in 2018, it has been quiet about them much anticipated sequel become.

So the fans have no choice but to continue playing Skyrim. Massive projects like Skywind or Skyblivion Is not this enough. They rebuild earlier offshoots of the series with the Skyrim engine and even surpass the original.

Bethesda has that Use strengths of role play and provided the fans with a sandpit in which they can let off steam to this day. With the special edition and improved versions for new consoles, the developer has made it easy for newcomers to begin their adventure in Skyrim. Bethesda shouldn't forget, however, that it's ultimately fans who keep Skyrim alive to this day.

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Even after nine years, The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim still has one active community. Are you still playing the RPG? Feel free to visit our Facebook page and tell us your favorite stories from Skyrim.

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