How did the click-bait trend begin?

Explanation of the American finesse rigs

There has been a real hype about some new fishing methods among predatory fish anglers. Again and again you hear here and there about the "Carolina Rig", from"Drop-Shotten"or from"Wacky fishing"- but what about these terms and fishing methods?

In the following section I will try to explain the individual assemblies to you and bring them a little closer ...

What are finesse rigs?

Finesse rigs ("Rigs"= English" montages ") are ultra-light fishing methods that originally come from the USA and are somewhat similar in structure to our soft lure fishing rigs. They are used there specifically and very successfully for fishing for small bass. Some smart anglers caught the trend and tried out the new American fishing methods in this country - with surprisingly great success!

Finesse rigs are fished with various types of rubber bait (e.g. rubber worms, twisters, creature baits) and are also very suitable for targeted fishing for perch and zander. But not only sting knights can be outwitted with the ultra-light spinning rigs, pike and even catfish also love them!

Can also be used with natural bait

With the new finesse rigs, a barrier was broken and many anglers began to use the new fishing methods in conjunction with natural bait. The creativity paid off, because you quickly noticed that this also worked very well. In the meantime there are more and more anglers who fall back on modern finesse rigs and regularly equip their drop-shot, wacky and Carolina rigs with rope worms and finger-length bait fish.

What finesse rigs are there?

In the list below you will find a number of the most famous finesse rigs. By clicking on the link you will find a detailed explanation of the respective fishing method:

1.) Drop shot rig

With the "Drop-Shot Rig" the bait is offered to an arm of the leader that protrudes to the side. The assembly gives the bait a very lively and seductive run.


2.) Carolina rig

With the "Carolina Rig" the bait is offered carefree on a short leader. A very effective assembly to fish weed waters.


3.) Wacky rig

The "wacky rig" is particularly suitable for luring biting perch and pikeperch out of the reserve. The assembly consists of a jig head that is hooked into an artificial bait in the middle.


4.) Splitshot rig

With the "Splitshot-Rig", the bait is offered directly on the main line and weighted down with a shot clip lead. This ultra-light assembly gives the bait an extremely lively and delightful run.





Worth a try? ...

You have to find out for yourself whether the methods described above are suitable for you. Personally, I can only recommend you give it a try - it will definitely expand your fishing horizons a lot!

Tip: Here you will find an overview of all known and catchy target fish assemblies.


I wish you a lot of fun trying it out and good luck on the water.

Holy salvation!



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