One of the Beatles had kids


The Beatles in 1964. Above are John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who wrote most of the songs. Below are George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

The Beatles were a musical group from the city ofLiverpool, Great Britain. Her style was the beat, pronounced "biit". It's a kind of rock music that was something completely new back then. No other band has ever sold as many records and other phonograms as the Beatles.

The band was formed in 1959. John Lennon was the oldest at 19, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Pete Best were one to three years younger. After three years, Pete Best left the group. Instead of him, Richard Starkey played the drums, who called himself Ringo Starr. The rest of the band sang and played guitar.

In the UK, the group was initially unknown. On the other hand, they had success in Hamburg, where they appeared in small restaurants. They became known all over the world in 1963 with the song "I Want To Hold Your Hand".

By 1970 the band had great success and made music all over the world. Some well-known tracks are "A Hard Day's Night", "Yesterday" and "Let It Be". They have also made films like the cartoon "Yellow Submarine".

In 1970 the band split up because the four members no longer understood each other. All four then continued to make music alone or with new bands - Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr even to this day. John Lennon was shot dead by a confused man in 1980; George Harrison died of a serious illness in 2001.

This zebra crossing in London's Abbey Road became famous: this is where the Beatles had their picture taken for the cover of the 1969 album “Abbey Road”. "Abbey Road" is next to "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ”and the“ White Album ”were probably the most famous Beatles album of the later time when they began to experiment more with music.

Why were the Beatles so successful?

There are several reasons for the Beatles' great success. In the early 1960s, when the band became famous, conditions were poor in their home country England, but also elsewhere in Europe. Many people were very poor and had no jobs. In Liverpool, the hometown of the Beatles, many people had worked at the port. When the port closed, much of Liverpool's population lost their jobs.

Some of the Beatles themselves did not come from this poor part of Liverpool, but when they started performing, they mostly played in clubs in the poor areas of Liverpool. Young people who were desolate and poor had reason to be happy again. The beat music became a kind of escape from the sad life.

At that time, the music of the Beatles was still very simple and catchy. The lyrics were tailored to the audience: They were about love and the everyday life of young people. It wasn't until the end of the 1960s that music became more diverse. The Beatles suddenly woven in instruments that were completely untypical for their music, such as violins. They experimented a lot and worked completely different styles into their music.

In addition, George Harrison began to bring elements of Indian music with. He came up with this because he turned to the Hindu religion. For example, he played the Indian plucked instrument sitar in some of the songs.

The lyrics also became more demanding at this time. For example, "Penny Lane" is set in an English suburb where the poor live. The Beatles are referring to their beginnings again. The love songs also changed: At first, the beautiful sides of love were mostly sung very cheerfully and with simple text. Later on, however, much more demanding love songs emerged: "Yesterday" is about a failed relationship and "Something" describes very artfully what the singer feels when he is in love.

Through all of these developments, the Beatles managed to get many people who liked different music excited about their songs.