What is categorical deduction

The balls of pure reason

Sure, reason is such a thing. Usually she just stands in our way with her legs apart. It forbids us to snack on chocolate. She tells us: You are tidying up your desk now! Reason - sometimes you want to push it away, switch it off. Or just shoot it away if necessary. Two Russians argue about the Königsberg philosopher Immanuel Kant in the supermarket, the situation escalates, one draws his pistol. And shoot the other down. Once again, pure reason did not win.

Now the argument wasn't about chocolate or messy office desks. Kant was not some late modern mind-crusher. He was Mister Reason. You could also say: he just got us all this crap with reason. When we were all still godly people and our view of things usually ended with heaven or hell, this enlightener came from Kant. His standard work was the Critique of Pure Reason. Man now thought freely. The world was no longer given by God, but the product of a person's thoughts, this cunning and yet also sensual being. So much for the theory.

But now someone else say that philosophy is alien to life. Pah! In the old Cossack town of Rostov-on-Don it was really hot: with Kant, with reason, with the finger on the trigger, between pickle jars, refrigerated shelves and pasta packs. According to the justice spokesman, it has not yet been clarified which detail the two Russians have argued about. Perhaps Kant's Categorical Imperative played an ugly role in the whole story: act according to the maxim, as it should also be general law. This is Applied Spiritual Science in Russian, advanced semester.

The victim is out of danger. The perpetrator faces 15 years imprisonment. You could tell him now: boy, that number wasn't quite that sensible, was it? What! 15 years in prison, 15 years reading Kant. In peace, without troublemakers in line at the cash register. Reason, take a break!