Why is billiards also known as a pool

There are a manageable number of books on the different types of billiards in German, English, French and Italian.

Below are some notes on the most popular books and videos. We have a small selection of media in our store or in the webshop. All works are also available through book retailers and online retailers.

Ralph Eckert "Modern Pool" and "Progressive Pool"

Ralph Eckert was born in 1965 and has been one of the most popular pool billiards players in German-speaking countries for twenty years. He is an excellent pool player, but is best known for his books and trick poking shows, and as a pool teacher.

The two books Modern pool and Progressive pool belong to the standard works for pool billiards.

Progressive Pool is currently out of stock, but can be borrowed from us.

Beginners are advised to begin with the volume Modernes Pool and to study the PAT exercise book and the PAT 1 manual at the same time.

Anyone who already has some experience and is also interested in tactical and mental elements will enjoy "Progressives Pool" and benefit from it.

PAT textbooks, DVDs and exercise books

Ralph Eckert played a key role in the development of the PAT system. PAT (Pool Ability Test) is a training system that allows you to determine the skill level in a fairly detailed manner.

PAT is suitable for self-training as well as for teaching in clubs or schools. It requires a great deal of concentration, patience and perseverance. All of these qualities pool players are not exactly famous for.

While the exercise books PAT 1 to 3 come across as relatively dry, the accompanying DVDs are very entertaining. The experienced entertainer Eckert gets a bit dissolute at times, but always remains understandable and interesting.

All PAT exercises are played on the DVDs by Thorsten Hohmann. This alone is a valuable lesson.

The two little paperback books Sporty pool billiards I and II which were written as supplementary reading by Eckert and national coach Andreas Huber are compulsory for every tournament billiards player.


Sanders & Alfieri "Pool School Germany"

The two books of the German Pool School by Dafic Alfieri and Uwe Sander "Fundamentals of Poolbillard" and "Position Game in Poolbillard" are well-known standard works and are widely used in billiard lessons in Germany.

In contrast to Eckert's books, Sanders / Alfieri go extremely deep into physical details.

The two volumes are particularly recommended for those players who want to deal intensively with the theory of the game, with the question
"Why does the ball go here and not there".

The first volume may be a bit too theoretical, especially for beginners.

S├ębastien Pauchon "le billard.ch" (French)

Anyone who speaks French should be enthusiastic about the enormously extensive "Le-Billard.ch" compendium.

The Schunken offers over 700 !! Pages everything a pool billiard player needs to know and a lot more. (Contrary to Pauchon's recommendations, balls should NEVER be cleaned in the dishwasher !!).

Pauchon explains technique and tactics with hundreds of diagrams and devotes a detailed chapter to the mental aspects of tournament billiards.


George Fels "Mastering Pool" (English - out of print)

George Fels has been one of the authors of Billiards Digest, the oldest and most renowned billiards magazine in the USA, for thirty years. His column there is called "Tips & Shafts" and is extremely entertaining.

Fels wrote "Mastering Pool" as early as 1977 - since then one of the most popular pool books ever written. The presentation has never been overhauled and is totally 70s style, but the versions about 14-1 are still very current and helpful.

The book deals only with strategy and tactics. 100 pages "straight pool", the remaining eighty eight, nine and one-pocket pages.

The book is out of print, but can be borrowed from us.


Giovanni Campagnolo "Il Biliardo Americano" (Italian)

The Italian-Swiss and x-times Swiss champion Giovanni Campagnolo has been running the Swiss Pool School with endless passion and patience for years.

Campagnolo teaches in groups or individually, in his academy in Zurich, in billiard centers or at your home.

A few years ago Giovanni put his accumulated knowledge between the book covers. This resulted in "Il Biliardo Americano" in Italian.

An exciting textbook for Italian-speaking beginners and advanced learners with many diagrams - clear and understandable.