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Various questions and answers [edit]

  • "I get tracker status: You are using a banned client."
    The tracker status provides information about its status or displays messages from it. In this case, an overzealous tracker admin banned Azureus for some inexplicable reason, i.e. excluded Azureus users from accessing the tracker. So the problem is not with Azureus, but with the tracker. Contact the operator of the tracker or creator of the torrent and ask good Reasons for the ban. Also read the following.
  • "How do I continue a torrent after I've already removed it from the list?"
    Find the _ same_ torrent again and start it with Azureus. Save the data in the exact location where you saved it before. Azureus will check the existing data and then continue the download or start the upload if all the data is already there.
  • "Help, Azureus keeps crashing! What can I do?"
    First you should read about Java, an outdated or faulty installation may be your problem. It is also recommended to deactivate UPnP in Configuration / Plugins / and to manually enable the Azureus port (see above) in the router if there is a router.
  • "What does" There appears to be a problem with the port mapping for the distributed database "mean?
    In order for DHT to work, the TCP port entered in the config (do not use 6881 or similar! 50815, for example, is better!also for UDP be released. This has to be done in the router and in the firewall. In addition, the use of UPnP should be avoided (see above).
  • "Where do I get .torrent files from?"
    Azureus only provides the basis for exchanging files. Please do not ask for corresponding websites in the IRC channel (see below), just use Google.
  • "What do I do with a file with the extension .xyz?" / "How do I unzip archive XY?"
    This has nothing to do with Azureus. Please don't ask about it in the IRC channel either, just use Google.
  • "Which plugins should I install?"
    JUST the ones whose functions you really need and understand what they do. You can find descriptions of some plugins in the plugin list.
  • "I don't have a router, should I still switch from 6881 to a better port (e.g. 52525)?"
    Yes, in any case! How so? Please read Select port for Vuze.
  • "What do the smileys in Azureus mean?"
    Click on Azureus -> Help -> About Torrent Fitness.
  • "My torrent has a green smiley face, but it still stops loading - why? What can I do?
    Check the torrent availability. If this is under 1,000 you have to wait for seeds (can take a few hours or days)
  • "My torrent has almost reached 100%, a green smiley face and the availability is greater than 1,000 - but now it no longer loads ... what's wrong?
    You can read details about this on the Bad torrents page - it may be a bad torrent that you will never get 100% of (although allegedly there are tons of complete sources and incomplete sources.
  • "I get the error message 'There is not enough space available on the data carrier, write fails, flush fails when processing file', but I still have 40 GB free on the partition! Why is that?"
    Your torrent will probably be larger than four GB and you will probably only use FAT32 as the file system instead of NTFS. This is not a good idea because only NTFS supports large files.
  • "I totally changed the settings, how do I get them back to their original state?" or "Azureus has recently been running totally weird, how can I reset the settings?"
    Very easily:
    a) Quit Azureus
    b) Click on Start> Run
    c) In the window cmd / k DEL "% appdata% \ Azureus \ Azureus.config *" Enter (with the ")
    d) Click on "OK"
    e) Start Azureus and make the settings described on this page
  • "Why are the changed settings for upload / download not saved correctly?"
    You probably have the Auto Speed ​​plugin installed. Uninstall it as its functionality is already available in Azureus. See: Azureus -> Tools -> Configuration -> Transfer -> Auto-Speed.
    Helpful hints: Speed_settings_changing_constantly
  • "What can official helpers on IRC see of me?"
    Just some information about various Azureus settings. See INFO.

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