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What is IP Lookup and How to Use It?

IP Lookup is a network tool that you can use to extract vital information about an IP address. This tool is suitable for network professionals or administrators who want to check a suspicious IP on their network. The IP lookup tool provides information such as geolocation, regions, ownership information and much more, which can be helpful in detecting an unknown intruder on the network.

How does IP lookup work?

IP Lookup does a reverse DNS lookup to find out the information related to the IP address. Reverse DNS, if you didn't already know, is a technique used on the network to extract the domain name or host name from an IP address. It's called reverse DNS because it's the opposite of what a DNS does, which is the IP address associated with a domain name or host name.

So give IP lookup the IP address of the target device / user and IP lookup will do reverse DNS to find the host name and lots of other information. The information found by IP Lookup will be displayed on your screen. You can then use the extracted information for whatever reason.

Why should I need IP lookup?

Security: IP lookup can be useful for detecting intruders and malicious activity on your network. Since IP lookup provides geolocation and owner information, you can use it to find a suspicious entry on your network. There are instances when an IP address tries to get through your firewall, and information provided by the IP lookup tool can be useful in determining whether or not you should be concerned.

Checking unknown IP addresses: You can also use IP lookup to check the information of an unknown user. This is useful in situations where you are notified of an unknown login or a login attempt. This is useful even for a person who is not an IT professional. For example, if you open your Facebook account and look at the current or past sessions, you can see the IP addresses that you used to log into your account. If you see a suspicious IP address in this list, you can use the IP lookup tool to find out more details about that login IP address. This will allow you to find out who has accessed your Facebook account. These features are available on almost all major platforms including Gmail, so IP lookup can be very useful.

Network troubleshooting: IP lookup is also useful for troubleshooting slow networks. Use the IP lookup tool to check the source of the traffic which will help you find out the source of the bottleneck. This is because a certain person is often downloading or streaming which could be the reason for the slow internet. This will help you determine if there is a problem on the network or just because of the high bandwidth usage.

What information can IP lookup collect?

There is a lot of valuable information that can be extracted using IP Lookup. The list is given below

  1. Associated domain name and host name
  2. Geolocation including state, region, city and country
  3. Information on the owner's IP address, e.g. B. Company name
  4. A geographic map to indicate the exact location of the IP address
  5. History of malicious activity from the IP address

How do you use the IP Lookup Tool?

Using the IP Lookup Tool is very easy and only takes a few clicks.

Simply enter the destination's IP address or domain name and click Find IP Address. Wait for it to load and you will get the result with any information that might come in handy in identifying problems.

What is the malicious activity check from this IP?

On the results page, you will see a button labeled Check for Malicious Activity from this IP address. This button basically checks whether the domain name or the IP address you were looking for has been selected or not. The IP address is compared with the Open Threat Exchange (OTX) of the Alien Vault.

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If the IP address that you are looking for has not been marked, this is a good sign and it probably means it is safe. You can also click Monitor this IP address and get notices of possible compromise in the future if you are concerned about the IP address. This will bring you to the side of the Alient Vault, where you can set up things for monitoring.

Websites to get IP addresses

Since we are into IP addresses, let's look at a few other web pages that will be useful when dealing with IP addresses.

Whatismyip: The name of the website says it all. This website will show you your own IP address as well as the IP address of any other website that you wish to receive. It will show you your IP addresses and will show you some information regarding your geolocation. You can use this website if you do not know your computer's IP address. There are many other IP related tools on the website. So, feel free to go through these tools to explore the possibilities.

site24x7: This is another website that is all about IP addresses. However, this website will help you find the IP address of a particular website. Ever wonder what the appual's ip address is? Just go to the 24x7 website, enter and hit Find IP. The website shows you the IP address of our website. This website will be useful for people who do not know the specific IP address of a website. This is another very useful website for people who want to play around with the IP addresses and various other network tools. There are quite a few tools on this website including traceroute and DNS lookup. You can use this website to find a website's IP address. You can check the options like traceroute to trace the route of the package. Just go to the website, enter the website whose information is needed, check the boxes that contain useful information, and hit go.


IP Lookup is a useful tool that saves a lot of time. It offers a lot of valuable information that can help you determine whether or not you are paying attention. It's simple enough to be used by a person who isn't that tech-savvy. All in all, if you are concerned about an unknown IP address in your account activity or want to protect your networks, IP lookup is a must to make things easier for you.

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