Will Ventus return in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts III: 3 questions the game left us with

I played through Kingdom Hearts III in no time. I wanted too badly to finally see the resolutions that I had waited for so many years to take my time with the adventure. In the end, however, Tetsuya Nomura once again managed to provide more questions than answers. In the following article I would therefore like to address a few topics that will probably only be illuminated in a few years' time - let the spoilers begin!

The new saga has long since begun

The Xehanort story is over, but it looks a lot like an even greater danger awaits the Guardians of Light. This is proven by the epilogue, about which some have probably understood little. Let's rewind: Kingdom Hearts Union Cross is a mobile game set hundreds of years before the events of the series, and tells the story of keyblade masters who collect the so-called Lux. Why they do this is told in the film "Kingdom Hearts Back Cover", which once again illuminates the characters who had to die in the great Keyblade War. Only one of the masters did not take part in the events, the mysterious Luxu. For years, fans puzzled over who the man who wears a well-known keyblade could be. The revelation was in secret reports as well as in the epilogue: IT'S XIGBAR!

I admit, after the reveal, I was downright frozen. Nobody would have expected this development, since the background story of Xig was apparently already a topic in “Birth by Sleep”. In fact, the man was always surrounded by a mystery, after all he knew a surprising amount and uttered the phrase "May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key" himself. The following questions pile up: Has Luxu only taken over Xigbar's case? Did he know about the events? Did he even guide Xehanort down a pre-made path? Probably, after all, he was just waiting for someone to get their hands on their keyblade and trying to summon Kingdom Hearts. So many questions have to be answered here that you can fill an entire game with them. The questions why he summoned the old masters and what the Master of Masters has to do with them are still completely unclear.

The masters from other times

An explanation of the entire history of the mobile game would go beyond any scope, so let's try to concentrate on the essentials. Before the Keyblade War, the organization Dandelions was founded, which was supposed to travel to an untouched reality in order to dare a fresh start. The reason for this lay in the coming Keyblade War that would bring ruin to the old world. Five masters were also to lead the Keyblade Warriors, namely Ephemer, Skuld, Ventus, Brain and Lauriam. One of them, presumably Brain, killed the previously chosen Strelitzia in the old reality to thwart the plans of Master Ava, the founder of the Dandelions. Who can still follow us now: First of all, Lauriam is important. This is namely the someone from Marluxia - more detailed explanations of why Marluxia was living at the time of Sora remain unanswered for the time being. However, in the mobile game he gets to know Elrena, Larxene's someone, and in a cryptic scene Ansem indicates that the two, as well as Demyx and Luxord, were chosen for the organization because of a connection to the keyblade. Marluxia dies at the end of "Kingdom Hearts III" and should get his memories back as Lauriam - will he also remember that Strelitzia was his sister?

Is everything too confused? Certainly, the precise elaboration of the story as well as explanations require a lot of time that an article cannot do justice to. The mystery of the four villains will, however, play an important role in the future. One theory: The Dandelions traveled to the time Sora lived in, but lost their memories as a result. This explains why Ventus cannot remember his previous life as well as the scene in which his Chirithy first talks to Sora about an old friend and later returns to him. Likewise, that would provide the reason Marluxia laughs before he dies. Ephemeral could still exist in the form of a heart or it could be sacrificed a long time ago - its appearance in "Kingdom Hearts III" is definitely short-lived. The only mystery is Skuld - could she be the one Lea and Isa once wanted to save from Xehanort? Or is her heart the one that Sora finds in the Final World? And where is Master Ava anyway? And what happened to Brain, who has a strong visual resemblance to Eraqus? Anyone who previously thought that they could ignore the events of the film and the mobile phone game will experience a tremendous shock. In addition, the makers finally have to bring the western version up to date with the Japanese. Even those who have invested many hours in it will not understand what Marleficent and Pete are doing in “Kingdom Hearts III” without external translations.

Sora, Riku, Neku and Yozora

Even aside from the background story, the series is facing a gigantic change of scenery, as the secret ending reveals. As is well known, Sora disappears after the fight against Xehanort in Scala ad Caelum - what exactly this place is supposed to represent, and why Daybreak Town occurs there, is still asking us. This is also proven by the last scene of the game, in which it is unclear whether he was able to save Kairi. What is certain is that he is the only one missing after Xion, Roxas, Terra, Ventus and co. were saved in heartbreaking scenes. No player with a soul is likely to have held back tears during Xion's collapse. The secret end has now raised a whole series of questions, but one thing is certain: It's off to Toyko.

It's pretty clear that Sora wakes up in the Toyko from "The World Ends With You". When exactly does this happen? Does he die again so that he becomes part of the Reaper game? At least the already hinted reunion with Neku and his friends should be certain. Riku's appearance in the world of Verum Rex is likely to be much more violent. It is so reminiscent of "Final Fantasy Versus XIII" that Nomura can finally make his dream come true. The speculation about a DLC is in full swing, but we believe much more that the next installment in the series will take place in these worlds. Main part or secondary part? That's still up for debate, but it would be nice if the "Final Fantasy" characters could celebrate an appearance that was sorely missed in "Kingdom Hearts III". No matter what the case, there are still numerous adventures waiting for Sora.

A golden future

"Kingdom Hearts III" delivered a conclusion, but left so many questions unanswered that the speculation should be even more diverse than ever before. It will also be interesting to see what life the characters will lead now. Before, they mostly had to be rescued, but now the worlds have a large team at their disposal, which will probably play a much bigger role than fans currently suspect. At least one thing is certain: The world of "Kingdom Hearts" will be more complicated and diverse than ever before in the years to come. Anyone who is willing to deal with every part can therefore look forward to a bright future. And of course a new chess game, which Eraqus is already suggesting.

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