Dose the future to influence the past

Are you still rowing or are you already steering?

Mindfulness is the magic word. It is the clear, non-judgmental awareness of what is happening in each moment. Are we orientating ourselves to the present?

  • We read while we eat.
  • We ignore the slight tension in the neck until the entire neck muscles are hardened.
  • We talk about the past and worry about the future instead of focusing on the now.


Many live in an “everyday trance”, as if controlled by an autopilot. In my seminars I often hear: «100 emails that I have to answer every day. Fortunately, there are seminar breaks ». Bravo. Pending issues processed and missed the opportunity to network with the other participants.


I am mindful means to be present in the little things of everyday life. Here are a few tips on how to train your mindfulness:

  • Get out of the automatic
    Break your routines. Set the alarm clock and let yourself ring out of the «trance». Or set yourself an «anchor» by resolving to train your mindfulness at every red light.

  • Perceive more intensely - use your senses
    Have a seat in the cafe. Hear the voices around you, smell the smell of freshly ground coffee beans, how does the seat of your chair, the surface of the table feel? The ultimate help: phone off! IPad off! Leave the newspaper behind! Make a note of your impressions on paper. Writing helps to perceive more consciously and intensely.
    Or .. eat an orange with all your attention. I now refrain from describing the whole process. Because there are some details. From the feel of the shell to the tickling of the acid on the palate. How much attention do you pay to your food in everyday life?

  • Change information habits
    We live in a media age. Media are always present. This is precisely why the right dosage is important. Otherwise they will determine our day. Make a conscious decision which media you really want to use and treat yourself to media-free hours. TV off, cell phone in pocket. Consciously direct your gaze to your current environment.

  • Hurry with a while - Slow down your thinking.
    Put a project to one side and oversleep your idea. This also applies to difficult employee appraisals, letters and e-mails. You don't always have to answer everything on the same day.

  • Realize your thoughts
    Take time out from everyday life. Don't do anything but let your mind wander. What am I thinking all the time? This is how you recognize how you influence yourself with your thoughts.

  • Get away from your thoughts
    If we assume that our brain cannot distinguish between thoughts and reality, it is all the more important to question our own thoughts. The thought "My God, I'm so stressed." That is definitely the truth. But aren't there also breaks in prospect? Look forward to this. Or take breaks as described above.
    True to the motto: We have to think anyway, why not positively right away.


Would you like to delve deeper into the topic? I can recommend these two books to you:

Brain-friendly work and professional success. Instructions for more effectiveness and efficiency.

Mindfuck - how we sabotage ourselves and what we can do about it


The Christmas season stands for hectic, stress, sensuality and relaxation. Decide what you want it to stand for and try to live by it. There are enough exercise opportunities. I hope you enjoy it.