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Karaoke party

The topic of karaoke has dominated the party scene for as long as there are party songs to shout and sing along to. Singing karaoke is basically nothing more than singing party hits to the corresponding melody, with a television, screen or something similar providing the corresponding lyrics. Even particularly inexperienced singers dare to use the microphone and are able to really cheer up a party.

In the meantime, in addition to karaoke bars, karaoke parties have also established themselves, which are thrown precisely for this occasion. You get together in a friendly atmosphere to celebrate and sing together. At normal parties, karaoke can of course also be installed appropriately. Either to loosen up the mood or when the party guests are already in an exuberant mood.

tip: Karaoke is a double-edged sword. If you have guests who do not like to sing, setting up the karaoke and the "threat" of singing can lead to the party mood changing. It is usually better to use this option when the alcohol level is already high. But then it can also hit like a bomb.

What do I need to sing karaoke?

If you want to start such an action at your party or want to organize a karaoke evening, it is necessary to have the right equipment or the right karaoke system there and ready to hand. The most important technical requirements are:

  • Loudspeakers (should be there at every party, see also our test for the best party loudspeakers)
  • Amplifier (should also be there at every party)
  • Microphone (ideally 2-3, as many guests like to sing together)
  • Microphone stand (optional)
  • PC / laptop / DVD player or karaoke system
  • TV / screen

Depending on how professional you want your own karaoke show to be, it may be sufficient to simply buy a karaoke CD / DVD and play it on your home television using a DVD player. In this case, the instrumental version of the piece is simply played and the subtitles are displayed for singing.

Complete karaoke systems combine the above-mentioned requirements in one device, so that nothing more needs to be connected. They come straight with software, speakers, amplifiers and mic

Our tip for this:Complete karaoke system DJ set - quick and flexible to set up and connect to all common devices. Here you will also find our large comparison with test for the best karaoke system.

Alternative: karaoke for Wii, X-Box and Playstation

Since many have a game console at home, the right game can turn the Wii, Xbox or Playstation into a karaoke station. The advantage is that no additional device has to be bought and most of the consoles are already connected.

Karaoke for the Wii
If you have Nintendo's Wii at home, you can use it to organize karaoke singing at your party. The following games are currently on the market:

  • We Sing (extra party mode for singing to and with each other)
  • Disney Sing It (More for children's parties with classic movies)
  • Karaoke Revolution (especially large selection of songs for every age group)

Karaoke for Playstation
Probably the most popular game console is the Playstation, which also has the most famous karaoke software "Singstar" and has brought many other songs on the market to the market:

  • Singstar (numerous versions and themes published since 2004. Extensive and something for everyone)

Singstar is available as football hits, for hits, for Queen fans, for après-ski and much more.

Karaoke for X-Box
Microsoft has also released games for the Xbox for karaoke evenings. These would be:

  • Everyone Sing
  • Lips (different versions from party crackers to 80s.
  • X-Factor (of the same name as the TV show, not so suitable for parties)
  • Karaoke Revolution Glee

Make karaoke songs yourself
Finally, there is also the possibility in the run-up to a party with the corresponding karaoke software on the home PC to compile songs as desired and to edit and save this karaoke style. You can add your own subtitles in color and combine them with videos. Your own composition is then played back on the television using a PC, laptop or burned CD.

The best karaoke songs for the party

Karaoke songs are only as good as the mood of the guests and can only be well received if they match the motto of the party. A basic selection should cover every type of music and the wishes of the party guests should be catered for. Karaoke classics can usually be found on every karaoke DVD purchased. These are for example:
  • Nena- 99 balloons
  • Greek wine
  • DJ Ötzi - one star
  • Wolfgang Petry - Lost in love
  • Wolfgang Petry- The sky is burning
  • Helene Fischer - breathless
  • Höhner - Viva Colonia
  • Drafi Deutscher - marble stone and iron
  • Mickie Krause - tear down the hut
  • Marianne Rosenberg - He belongs to me
  • But current chart toppers are always suitable for a deposit.

Note: The point and purpose of karaoke is not to find the best singer, but to find fun and joy in singing and to conjure up a party atmosphere.

For the very die-hard, celebrations that are completely focused on live singing, such as a karaoke party, are also suitable. These parties are all about singing songs and having fun singing. You can make such a celebration even better by having your guests come in the costumes of popular singers.

Karaoke video to watch