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Import photos from a camera or phone in Photos on your Mac

  1. Connect a camera, iPhone, or iPad to your computer.

  2. Check that your camera or device is turned on and that the correct camera mode is selected for importing photos.

    For information about the mode you need to select for your camera, see the instructions that came with your camera. If your camera has a sleep mode, make sure that it's either turned off or that you set it to a time interval that allows your photos to fully load.

  3. Open the "Photos" app (if you have not already done so) and click on the device in the "Devices" area of ​​the sidebar.

    Note: The "Devices" area is only displayed in the sidebar as long as a camera or storage device is connected.

    The Photos app displays all of the photos and videos on the device.

    Tip: Check the “Open Photos” box if you want the Photos app to open every time you connect this device.

  4. Check the “Delete Items” box if you want to delete photos that have been successfully imported from the camera.

    This option is not displayed for all cameras.

  5. Do one of the following to specify where to save the imported photos:

    • Import into an existing album: Click the “Import To” pop-up menu, then choose the album you want from the list.

    • Import into new album: Click the Import To pop-up menu, then choose New Album. Enter the name of the album and click OK.

    • To import an album into the Photos library without specifying it: Click the Import To pop-up menu, then choose Library.

  6. Do one of the following:

    • Import all new photos: Click on "Import all new objects".

    • Import a selection of photos: Click the photos you want to import, then click Import Selected.

  7. When asked if you want to delete or keep the photos on your camera after importing them, click Delete Items to remove the photos or click Keep Items to keep them on the camera.

    The Photos app imports your photos. To cancel the import process, click on "Stop importing".

  8. When all of the photos are imported, disconnect the camera or device from your computer.

If you haven't imported the photos into an album, they'll appear in the Imports album in the sidebar. They'll also appear under other days and months in your Photos library. Click on "Library" in the sidebar to search through it. To organize imported photos into albums, select the photos in the “Imports” album and drag them to the desired album in the sidebar.

If you have photos that were taken with a roll film camera, you can import them into the Photos app after converting the photos to digital files (using the Digital Pictures app and your scanner). The Integrated Camera feature lets you take a picture or scan a form or document with an iPhone or iPad that is near your Mac. For more information, see Insert photos and scans with the integration camera. You can set the Digital Pictures app to automatically open the Photos app when you connect your camera. For more information, see Scanning Pictures in the Digital Pictures app and Transferring pictures in the Digital Pictures app.

Tip: You can change the date and time of scanned images in the Photos app. To do this, select the image and choose Image> Adjust Date And Time.