Why did you stop dancing

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Because of our house construction, we have that Stopped dancing and so far not started again.
Due to the building of our house we stopped dancing and since then haven't gotten back to it.
After my time with Ultra Gypsy, I started out with the for a while Stopped dancing. I didn't really know what I wanted anymore.
After my time with Ultra Gypsy, I actually had stopped dancing for a few months. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with dance.
Those of you who are familiar with the 'Jackson Five' know that I started performing at the tender age of five and have continued to perform since then - I never did sing and Stopped dancing.
Those of you who are familiar with the 'Jackson Five' know that I began performing at the tender age of five and that ever since then, I haven't stopped dancing or singing.

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The To dance has not yet stopped and the day is already breaking.
When did you stopped to to dance?
If you knew why didn't you stopped to to dance?
Look if you like that To dance Fun and you love the extra money then it's crazy that you stopped has.
Look if you enjoy dancing and love the extra money, it's crazy that you quit.
The earth's crust now has stopped to slide, and gravitationally makes contact with it again dance from the forces of attraction and repulsion that the planets constantly participate in.
The crust of the earth by now has stopped its slide, and again connects, gravitationally, to the greater solar system in the attraction / repulsion dance that planets perpetually go through.
In 1994 he approaches the world of Dance and immediately discovered his passion for hip hop. Since then, Gigi has never stopped to learn and has taken part in workshops and training courses with teachers at national and international level.
He approached the world of dancing in 1994 and immediately discovered a passion for Hip Hop. Since then Gigi has never stopped studying, taking part in workshops and specialization courses with national and international hip-hop teachers.
Be it Princeteau, his master of equestrian painting, Cormon, symbol of the energetic painter, or Degas, who urges him to discover the dynamic beyond Dance to pursue - Lautrec never has stoppedTo give a new form to time and space in the picture.
Whether it was Princeteau, who taught him to paint horses, Cormon, an energetic painter par excellence, or Degas, who pushed him into pursuing the dynamic beyond dance, Lautrec never stopped reformulating the space / time element of the image.
Alisa dreamed of going to a ballet later on to dance, she sang in a children's choir - and went to a special school. Because when she was six she had stopped to speak.
She dreamed of one day dancing in a ballet; she sang in a children's choir and attended a special school, because, at the age of six, she suddenly stopped speaking.
Do you have stopped Cards for To dance to bring and kick others in the balls?
Have you finished making cards dance and breaking people's balls?
The wedding was held with young Herr Fuchs, and there was cheering and dancing, even if they were not stopped have so to dance they still.
Then the wedding was solemnized with young Mr. Fox, and there was much rejoicing and dancing; and if they have not left off, they are dancing quiet.
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