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What career path should I choose to make money, and it relates to my education and degree?

Certainly I also avoid a moral answer. But I want to ask you a basic question: what is stopping you from doing what you really want to do so that you are looking for confirmation on this forum?

When you talk about another IIT, do you include that jargon for all of your other questions? If not then guess what and what not to mention. Being from the IIT does nothing to confirm you other than a certain amount of self-assessing attention. Not to humiliate yourself, but please don't become a pain in the a ** by attracting unnecessary attention. 🙂

When looking at your question, you only came up with two options that you think you have. While life offers you numerous possibilities and opportunities to pursue them, we will push forward the cloak of our choice and then pursue it to achieve something magical that will make us successful and, above all, satisfied.

I'll get straight to the point and just want to say two words: " Do it . ” While making money is important, you want to make enough money that it is only kept in banks and will help the bank put that into big business and make more money. I would like to earn a little and use it well to fully satisfy my small needs and not let all of that go to waste in banks.

Hope I am not morally motivated to suggest that you pursue this MS in any industry. A Master of Science in electrical engineering / subject is much more attention grabbing than an IIT graduate in electrical engineering. What's more, you can always open any kind of coaching center in India until the end of time. that will never be satisfied; Because children in India never stop learning, never stop striving, never stop dreaming. And you help them crack what will boost your coaching center business and make you tons of money. After that, do what you want to do with it. But when you do this MS you will see and explore a much bigger world, and maybe you can come up with something else and it to do . that will get you satisfy . All the best 🙂

No matter which career path you choose, it takes a lot of hard work to make lots of money.

As the description suggests, you want to decide whether to move on in the academic world or to open a coaching center. So let's weigh their pros and cons.

Coaching Center: Coaching centers still have good potential. Even if it looks like there are many “reputable” coaching centers around, there is still a major problem with accessibility. These “reputable” coaching centers are either too expensive or too far from home town, and in some cases they are both. If you are able to provide high quality education at a low cost to a relatively inaccessible city, chances are good you can make good money.

But it will be quite a long way from what you learned in your B. Tech. Sometimes the insights you gain in your academic endeavors will help you explain some very unintuitive ideas in a simple way.

Further studies: Contrary to the “popular” opinion, you can also earn a lot of money in the academic field. First, after MS, you no longer have to be just a professor as people believe. You can very easily join various research institutes and research laboratories of renowned companies and earn a lot of money with research. A good researcher will never be undervalued in a decent work environment.

If you plan to become a professor after graduation, you can still be rich. May professors conduct business consultancy and be well paid for it. One of the professors at IIT in Bombay, Deepak B. Phatak (department page Deepak B Phatak) is receiving a project from various government agencies in India including SEBI, DRDO, and more than expected amounts of money (I think in crs). I also know many professors who advise for Yahoo and earn enough money

This path is most likely related to your academic learning in B. Tech. and other degrees. The only catch is that the graph between effort and income in academia is very unpredictable.

It all boils down to your priorities in the end. If you really want your path to be related to your education, go for an academic education. However, coaching centers can lead to higher chances of winning.

One of my family members just out of sheer excitement started a coaching class to teach students. And he made a lot of it and is currently leading a successful coaching / tutoring group. However, when I look back, he didn't think of things like market or investment in the early stages. He has also changed the subjects / duration / format he teaches according to market tastes.

If money excites you, now is the time to make. Take up teaching positions in established courses or universities. Start gathering students and teaching them whatever you know. Improve your teaching skills first and then, build on that, improve your marketing / networking skills.

Try all of these, if you succeed or if you like it - go ahead. Or start something new. However, always say NO to things you don't like.

All the best.

I understand you like teaching. The establishment of a coaching center is an offshoot of this idea.

If you are interested in a technical degree, you can do a PhD from the university in the United States. Then you could get teaching and research opportunities (professor or assistant professor) at a university. The pay is good too.

The other option is to stay in India. Get a job in one of the MNC. You could get part-time tuition at an established coaching institute, establish yourself in teaching. Get to know the advantages and disadvantages of your own coaching institute and decide whether you want to run your own coaching institute.

If you do this, you will find yourself making regular money by teaching part-time.

Excuse me if I get moral ...

I think opening a coaching center is the first idea every IITian gets. There's nothing wrong with that. We paid hefty sums. So we think the returns are good.

Get practical.

  • I see Missing passion for teaching . I am assuming that you cannot teach. Even if you can teach all subjects in the best possible way, you will need external help to teach and present at least a few subjects. Reason: No parent will believe you when you say you cover 100% of all subjects.
  • The competition is huge . You saw the industry. You saw the factories. Do I have to say more? Good teachers picked up in no time. Bad teachers always dream of leaving the profession. Where do you get your faculty from?
  • Experience Every year 5000 students come out with an IIT day. multiply by 30 for 30 years of experience. Then we have even more seasoned non-IITians who strive day in and day out to beat IITians. Do you remember your kota teacher? Your experience is zero.
  • money Where do you want to get the money from?
  • In conclusion, all of this will come in handy if you are passionate about it. So get that first. Then you decide what you want to do.

I'll leave it to your judgment to make one final call. Thanks for the A2A.

I would say go to the master if you think you can dive deeper into something that interests you about the btech course. Complete your masters from the IIT or IISc or any other reputable place where they have good internships. Let them take you to a good place. Gain experience. Then, with some money saved, start your coaching center if you still feel the incentive to do so. But a word of caution. Every time you start a coaching you are ready to face a gruesome competition. Only passion and excellent teaching can help you to conquer this market and that in a few years.
All the best for your career choice!

In the early stages, coaching seems like a better option, but there is a lot of uncertainty and a limit. You will earn up to a certain mark. And of course it's not a class job. I remember the days when I was doing coaching, we ridiculed our coaching teachers and considered them a failure.
On the contrary, if you choose to have MS, you are sure to have a good job. And you have several career prospects that will fascinate you. You can switch between jobs. You can have extreme engineering experience.
Coaching job is a regular and not demanding task. And have a little leeway for innovation. It's like safe gambling.

Thank you for the A2A, but I am sorry I cannot answer your question in a satisfactory manner.

But since you are not into morals, openly admitting that you are an "average" student and have shown no passion for teaching, I would recommend that you stay away from coaching, teaching, philanthropy, etc., etc., you are trying all of this and all they have done is life ruined.

Go for MS, it will be of help to you and the country.

I'm sorry for being rude. When you get rich, try entrepreneurship and open jobs to the millions of unemployed people around you.

I'm not sure about MS, but I still believe that the coaching market will not be saturated if you are innovative enough.
If you want to coach students on electrical projects and subjects, this can do well.

For example, if you are starting out with coaching on embedded systems, VLSI, or similar topics, this can be helpful.

Also, it would be much more beneficial to run workshops and seminars that are in great demand these days.

Note: I am also planning to start my coaching and workshop center

Thank you for A2A. Would you like to open a coaching center and employ other employees or teach yourself? When you employ other people and run a coaching center, you need more than your expertise. Remember, there are important players in the coaching industry. To build your outfit, you will need a lot of money, experienced professionals and business acumen. If this is not a problem then your dream can come true.

Buddy, first of all, I'm amazed after reading your views.
In my opinion, a graduate can get handsome pay anywhere in the country. MS would be a great option to improve your future.
On the other hand, tuition fees are like no investments, just profits.
Since you said you were average in academics, I think you should reconsider your choice.
Tuition is always good for income, but your own efforts will make you successful. So it is up to you what to choose.
Good luck for your future!

Try to be taught or hired in BYJUs or e-learning solutions for K-12 ...
After gaining at least two years of experience, you make a decision ...

There is a line my friend for those who want to start:
”Bring a product to market that everyone has - be innovative; Create innovations, learn first and then unlearn "

Yes, coaching is still a better and safer business. I designed a project for this type of business. it is possible to earn 10 to 20 million a year. Think about it. You get freedom, your own work environment, apart from money.

Thanks for A2A.

The career path to making money is research and development (R&D) in large multinational companies. I think you have to work hard as average academic records will not be enough.

If we come to your idea of ​​the coaching center, we already have an allocation on the market. If you have something new, you can definitely try it out. I am sure you understood what I really mean by “something new”.

I think even though you may be doing more than one IIT bachelor's degree in the coaching industry (I know a person who earns more than a crore a year from their IIT coaching and whose income increases by 20% annually).
But that chance to learn more and gain a broader perspective on life that you would get if you did Masters in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. is priceless. So, I would say go for MS ...

There are two answers to your question:
1. Since you admit that you are the average student, opting for coaching is more than suicidal in my opinion as you will lose your interest in it after some time.
2. MS only seems like a good option if you are interested in and want to learn more about a part of the subject in your curriculum, otherwise it is a waste of time.

The third option you can choose is to put yourself in a good company and then build your career both financially and technically and eventually become an entrepreneur.

Hope the advice seems helpful. All the best for your future.

Having your own business is better than a job every day. If you're looking to open a coaching center when teaching is your passion, the market in larger cities may be saturated, but there is still a lack of good coaching institutions in smaller cities. MS would be the safer option.

I'll give you just two cents ... E-learning portals like Author, Teach and Sell Online eLearning courses are booming and they are looking for authors in the industrial field like engineers and electricians. They have an authoring program that can help you make even more money on top of your day-to-day work. All you have to do is create your own course based on your expertise.

The coaching market can never be saturated.
When you have great teachers, no matter what, students will flow.
I think in the coaching center you will be the boss, but after doing MS you get a job, so not complete freedom.
And from a financial point of view, both are equally good.

Coaching Center may look good, but I think life just sucks. When opening a new coaching center it is really difficult to establish yourself and if you want to get a job in an established center you will get a very low salary (there are exceptions everywhere, but the majority are lower). Plus, you never know when this field can go wrong and you will also get frustrated as there is hardly any new challenge to come. I recommend a higher degree or a good job. First of all, even if the pay is lower, even then, you will have better challenges and learn more. In addition, your salary will most likely go up at a much higher rate.

One of my coaches once told us that their job might look good but it is never planned to be part of it as you hardly have any vacation and the salary is much lower compared to the time you devote to class. You lose all of your social life.

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