Why was the Kaijudo card game discontinued

Duel Masters

Funny story about a boy and his friends whose hobby is playing with the trading card game "Duel Masters". Many parallels to situations in real life, e.g. cards are forbidden in school, you often have to be detained for that.
Subtle parody on the subject of trading card games ... including brilliant gags at the expense of Magic the Gathering, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! (Text: Silver Ax)

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  • Hero of the Soviet Union on

    Another series the world doesn't need!
  • Andreas P. (born 1994) on

    Either way, whether it's from Magic: The Gathering or from Yugioh
    has come. The fact is that Yugioh has been around much longer than anime
    there who brought out their own card game and the duel
    Masters just an existing trading card game
    has adopted.
  • marc-marwin (born 1999) on

    thought the series was cool and still watch it in japanese xD
  • Natsu (born 1986) on

    for me this series was always a cheap copy of yugioh, the duels weren't really big either.
  • s (born 1995) on

    So I liked duel masters maybe it's a copy of YGH but I think some things are better ok, some things are really stupid but it doesn't matter I bought the cards a little while ago I also enjoyed playing with my friends.

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From the Television lexicon by Michael Reufsteck and Stefan Niggemeier (as of 2005): 26 pieces. Japanese animated series (Duel Masters; 2003-2004). The young Shobu wants to become an unbeatable master in Kaijudo, the art of the Duel Masters trading card game.

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