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15 last minute gifts that you don't look like

Regardless of whether it's Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas or the birthday of your best friend or boyfriend: In the stress of everyday life, you can forget many important occasions. But just because you don't have much time left, you don't have to give away nonsense! We have 15 creative last-minute gifts for you that you can make yourself or buy at short notice - and that absolutely do not reveal that you are a little late.

# 1 photo calendar

A photo calendar is ideal as a DIY Christmas present. After all, the turn of the year is just around the corner. All you need is a few nice photos and a calendar to make yourself, which you can buy in the drugstore or on Amazon *.

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# 2 memory board

A normal pin board is boring, isn't it? Your loved ones will be much more happy about this cool memory board made of wine corks. To do this, you simply take an empty picture frame, remove the glass and stick wine corks on the back wall so that they form a heart. And you have a great gift idea that can also be used as a pin board.

Extra tip: I've already given a board like this together with a Polaroid camera (in my case the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 *) and a couple of pins for my birthday. At the party, some funny photos were taken, which were immediately attached to the board - a great memento!

# 3 Self-designed pillow

A last-minute gift that is made quickly and very cheaply is a pillow that you have designed yourself. You can get a white pillowcase from Ikea * and machine-washable textile pens from Amazon *. Now you can let off steam creatively and paint patterns.

Extra tip: This Instagram video reveals a clever printing technique that works with lavender oil:

# 4 coupons

Regardless of whether for men or women: vouchers are the classic last-minute gift. A small self-made coupon booklet with small favors that you fulfill for your girlfriend or boyfriend is always an inexpensive but loving gift idea. Alternatively, you can of course also give away vouchers for a shop that the recipient likes. Particularly practical: Some shops, such as Amazon *, offer their vouchers directly for printing or deliver them very quickly with a suitable card!

# 5 canvas with a nice saying

A few nice decoration ideas also make a good last-minute gift. For example, you can design a canvas with a motivating or inspiring saying. Especially designed in the lettering style, the picture looks a lot:

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If your handwriting doesn't look nice enough for a canvas, you can also decorate a picture frame with Scrabble * stones. You can also use wrapping paper as a background, for example.

# 6 subscription box

Just a single gift? You can also regularly delight your loved ones with a little something with a subscription. Regardless of whether you opt for a classic magazine subscription or a Kochbox: You can conveniently complete the order from home and you're done!

In our picture gallery you will discover a few interesting subscription boxes for every taste:

# 7 trip

How about a little city trip with your boyfriend or a wellness weekend with your girlfriend? For example, you can give away a hotel voucher or do handicrafts yourself. Of course, you can also book the trip specifically, but you should be sure that the recipient really has time.

If a trip is too expensive for you, you can also give away a souvenir of a previous trip together. How about, for example, a photo book or a map * in a picture frame, where you mark the route you have traveled together with a pen or thread?

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# 8 DIY bookmarks

You can even make this last minute gift if you have two left hands. All you need to do is paint or print out a unicorn shape and cut it out and give it a colorful tail with a few colored threads. The magical DIY bookmark is ready.

# 9 DIY snow globe

Snow globes are a popular decorative item, especially at Christmas. Fortunately, you don't even have to dig deep into your pocket for this. To make a DIY snow globe yourself, all you need is a round jar with a screw cap *, a small figure (for example from the surprise egg), glue, some water, glycerine * and glitter powder *.

This Instagram video shows step by step how to do it:

# 10 A shared experience

Time is often much more valuable than a material gift. Instead of giving away something that is expensive but might not suit the taste of the person at all, you can surely generate enthusiasm with a suggestion for a joint activity.

For example, you could give away the following things:

# 11 Baking mix in a jar

Of course, if you're good at baking or cooking, it's great when you surprise your family or friends with something you've made yourself. But even if you are not that talented, you can give away delicacies from the kitchen. Baking mixes in a jar, for example, are super quick to make. To do this, you just take a recipe of your choice and layer the dry ingredients (such as flour, sugar, chocolate and Co.) in a glass. In addition, you make a nice label and attach the recipe to it so that it is clear what should become of the baking mixture. Cookie or muffin recipes are particularly good. Finished!

But homemade roasted almonds, jam or a liqueur are also delicious and can be easily prepared by beginners.

# 12 Homemade cosmetics

Regardless of whether you want to give your mom, sister or girlfriend a present: Homemade cosmetics are always well received as gifts. In addition, due to the natural ingredients, it is usually much gentler on the skin and more sustainable.

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# 13 flower pot

Cut flowers are also a nice present, but usually wither very quickly. Flower pots that you have decorated yourself are a last-minute gift that will give you much longer pleasure. All you need is porcelain pens * and you're good to go!

Extra tip: You can choose plants that are easy to care for, such as succulents, so that the person receiving the present can enjoy the little surprise for a long time. You can get these at Ikea *, among others.

# 14 scratch cards / lottery ticket

If you can't give big gifts of money, a lottery ticket or a scratch card is also a fun gift idea. You can get them for little money at the kiosk or at the gas station.

Our video tells you how you can make a scratch card yourself:

# 15 Spirits - disguised as pineapples

A last-minute present that you can get at the last minute in the supermarket is of course a fine bottle of wine, gin, sparkling wine or other alcohol. To make the packaging even more interesting, you can get a pack of Rocher * and attach it to the bottle with glue. Then decorate the neck of the bottle with a few green leaves - and the undercover pineapple is ready!

As you can see: Last-minute gifts don't have to be the classic flowers and chocolates from the gas station! With little effort - and often for little money - you can conjure up great little things for Christmas, birthdays and other occasions. Which DIY idea is your favorite? Feel free to tell me your crafting tips in the comments.

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