Has QAnon ever been right

Perhaps US President Donald Trump should have agreed to a real TV duel after all. A format where the moderator would have had his hands full again to keep Trump from interrupting his opponent Joe Biden. But now he is sitting in the PAMM, the Pérez Art Museum Miami, and has to face a presenter who has apparently resolved not to let her guest get away with something like that. And in Philadelphia, Joe Biden can at the same time spread his presidency plans undisturbed. If he wins the election.

1000 miles as the crow flies lie between the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, where Biden asks audience questions for ABC, and the Pérez Art Museum Miami, where Donald Trump appears in the same format on NBC. This has the advantage that Trump cannot constantly interrupt Biden this time. With this tactic, the US President turned the candidates' first TV duel into a farce. And tricked Biden into hissing at Trump a "shut up, man," shut up, man.

But that was a good two weeks ago. A lot happened in between. Among other things, Trump was hospitalized with a corona infection and was treated with strong medication. His wife Melania, his youngest son Barron and more than 30 other people in and around the White House were also infected.

The second TV duel should then only take place virtually for security reasons. Trump refused. And now he has to grapple with the relentless questions posed by Savannah Guthrie, a former lawyer who specialized in cross-examining civil proceedings.

She wants to know when Trump was last tested negative before his corona disease. It is the first time that Trump can be asked this question. And it's important. Did he go into the TV debate with Biden about two weeks ago without a test? Was he untested when he presented Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee for the US Supreme Court in the Rose Garden of the White House the previous Saturday? An event where almost no one wore a mask and which the top virus fighter in the United States, Anthony Fauci, recently declared a super spreader event.

Trump squirms. He couldn't say that, he was constantly being tested, Trump said in response to various questions. He's getting loud. He just doesn't know! Was it tested on the day of the TV debate? He no longer knows that either, his doctors should know that. It goes on like this. Finally Guthrie asks if he could say if he was being tested every day. No, he won't.

Had this been a jury trial, Guthrie would have just massively damaged the credibility of witness Trump.

Different pitch in Philadelphia

1700 kilometers north in Philadelphia, Joe Biden has a comparatively nice evening. Even the pitch is completely different. It rumbles and crashes in Miami. Issues are discussed in Philadelphia. Climate change, fracking, women's rights, social inequality. And also the Supreme Court.

The biggest controversy has sparked Biden in this election campaign with the fact that he does not want to be determined whether he will expand the previous number of seats in the Supreme Court if he wins. This is a demand made by many left-wing Democrats, who fear the coming superiority of the Conservatives in the highest court. With the expected confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett in the Senate, six conservative judges would face only three liberal judges.

Biden again doesn't answer the question. But promises to do so before the election. Voters "have the right to know where I am and they have the right to know where I am before they vote," says Biden. Nothing more will stick with the evening. But it doesn't have to. The direct Trump / Biden comparison also makes it clear where the differences lie. It can only be right for Biden.

Back to Miami. Guthrie continues to work on Trump. His less than exemplary attitude towards wearing masks, his false claim that without him two million people in the USA would have died of Covid-19. And not "only" a good 220,000. All of this is not good news for the president, who has little more to do than to ban entry from China at an early stage.

$ 400 million debt as "peanut"

It's also about his finances. Why is he only paying the federal government $ 750 income tax? All of this is not true, says Trump. Then, as if on the side, he drops that he owes 400 million dollars after all. These loans, however, are only "favors for institutes that want to lend me money". Not a big deal. "A peanut" is that. $ 400 million, apparently no more to Trump than exactly one peanut.

Guthrie also wants to know how Trump feels about the right-wing conspiracy organization "QAnon". A group that wants to make believe, among other things, that the Democrats are a pedophile satanic cult. And Trump the Redeemer. Guthrie wants to know why he doesn't just say this is total bullshit. Trump: "I don't know about QAnon, I just don't know about it." And then you know something: "What I hear about it is that you are very strongly against pedophilia, and I agree with that." Otherwise he knows absolutely nothing about QAnon.

"Yes, you know," Guthrie replies. He just retweeted a tweet from them. Trump drives out of the skin. Why not ask Biden things like that, about Antifa and the looting all over the country? Guthrie: "Because now you are sitting here in front of me". "Haha," laughs Trump. "That's cute." He probably didn't like the evening.

At the end of the day, Trump still has 30 seconds to explain why he deserves a second chance. He rushes through his list of superlatives: best military, super tax gifts for everyone. Super jobs, super economy. And in 2021 everything will be even better than ever! And Biden? He gets up when the show is over and walks up to the people who are sitting in front of him in a semicircle at a distance from one another. And he keeps talking and discussing. He is listening. Candidates can be so different.