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Manage templates in JTL-Wawi

JTL-Wawi includes templates for all business papers used, such as offers, invoices or delivery notes. These can be optically adapted to your business and it is z. B. possible to create templates for certain customer groups. You can also configure the dispatch of the papers here, e.g. B. whether an invoice should be attached by email or not.

How to

Dialog box

Output options (obsolete)

In the dialog window Template management you can create and manage templates for the central output documents in JTL-Wawi (e.g. delivery notes, shipping labels or invoices). Here you will find all templates grouped in so-called template sets. About a Form editor, which is integrated in the template management, you can edit the layout of your templates. While you are designing your templates with the form editor, you manage the output process with the template management.

You can access the template management via the menu item Admin> Print / E-Mail / Export templates.

The integrated in JTL-Wawi Form editor is a tool based on List & Label, which leaves little to be desired in terms of the design options for documents. Basically, the print templates can be roughly compared with the templates that you may already be familiar with from working with serial letters in a word processing program. So-called placeholder variables are used for the various components of the documents, which are automatically replaced by the data from the JTL-Wawi database when they are later printed.

In addition to this basic introduction, you will also find a number of quick guides on using the editor.





DotLiquid is a template engine, which was designed for special and easily customizable purposes. The functionality is very similar to the template engine Smarty known from our JTL shop.

Some advantages of DotLiquid:

  • Nice and simple results can be achieved with a few and small commands and functions.
  • Complicated programming languages ​​are inconvenient to use, so the unnecessary is avoided.
  • The language is designed so that all commands are executed on the client PC. So it is not necessary to load the server with the code.
  • With DotLiquid you can easily generate all imaginable outputs, regardless of whether XML, CSV, HTML or other file types.

All DotLiquid variables for:

Under the links at the top of the page you will find a list of all DotLiquid variables for the individual document types. Some of these lists may not be exhaustive.

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