Can strawberries ever be unhealthy?

Do you have to wash strawberries in salt water?

Whoever loves the sweet fruits must be strong now. One trick shows: worms hide in strawberries. To make them visible, you need to wash strawberries in salt water.

The strawberry season starts soon. I'm really excited, there's nothing better for me than fresh strawberries. Their sweet and sour taste makes them very special in yoghurt, smoothies or on their own.

To shorten the time, I hit the supermarket. I just couldn't walk past it. The sweet red fruits lure with a wonderful scent.

But what is that? The berries are said to be full of worms, TikTok claims. Is there really something to it? Washing strawberries in salt water is said to solve this problem.

Will I lose my appetite? Let's see.

You can find out in this post

What happens when you wash strawberries in salt water

It's easy. You'll need strawberries, a large bowl, and regular salt. Put the strawberries in the bowl and after a few minutes the salt water will attract small white worms from the berries.

And that is anything but an isolated incident. On TikTok you can find 29 million videos under #strawberrybugs that prove just that.

Most of them have small, white worms making their way out of the strawberries. Sometimes one or the other beetle swims in the bowl.

Mostly these are larvae of fruit flies. They lay the eggs on the ripe fruits. Like us, the larvae enjoy juicy and sweet fruits.

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Why you don't have to wash strawberries in salt water

So what to do with worms in strawberries? The only way to prevent an infestation is to use more pesticides. But that is not a sensible solution.

To wash the strawberries in salt water, honestly not either. Because the fruits are very sensitive to pressure and take on the salty taste - especially because you have to leave them in the salted water for some time. In addition, salt removes water from the fruit.

Even so, you should always wash the fruit before eating. Preferably in a cold water bath. Some experts recommend a mixture of water and a tablespoon of vinegar to get rid of mold spores.

Are worms in strawberries harmful?

No, they are neither poisonous nor harm us in any other way. They're pretty gross though.

You have to watch the videos with a certain serenity. See it as an extra load of protein that you can always use 😅

Molds and pesticides, which can be found on all strawberries bought, cause bigger problems. Unless you use organic fruit. But mold does not stop here either.

Unfortunately, washing strawberries in salt water does not help with mold. In large quantities, the mushrooms can cause poisoning and be responsible for liver and kidney damage.

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How to stop worms in your strawberries

Basically every strawberry can be infested with maggots. However, it is mainly those that are dark red and have squishy bruises. We don't usually eat them anyway.

If you make sure that the berries have firm pulp and no bruises when you pick or buy strawberries, then the likelihood of maggots is lower.

The color of the berries should be red, but not too dark and certainly not mushy. Fresh berries smell sweet and aromatic. They have green leaves that have not dried out and a green stem.

If you buy berries in the supermarket, be sure to look at the peel from below. This is where rotten and mushy fruits are often hidden.

Our conclusion

Washing strawberries in salt water will drive the worms out of the fruit. But it also makes them mushy, salty, and watery. Better to just rinse them off with cold water and forget that you've ever heard of worms in strawberries.

After all, it hasn't killed us until now. 😁