BLACKPINK was the first K-Pop band

BLACKPINK: Mega record broken!

The K-Pop band BLACKPINK now caused a lot of open mouths with the new song "How You Like That". It was the most clicked video on Youtube within 24 hours. But that wasn't the only record with which the girl band simply caused a worldwide sensation.

K-pop is becoming more and more famous around the world. The "K" stands for Korea, Korean pop. The boy group BTS made its first international breakthrough. But the girls of the band BLACKPINK put a whole lot more on top and broke two mega records at the same time. Can that still be topped?


The band was only founded in 2016 and is already enjoying great success. The girl group consists of Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa. Just a year later, they landed in the Japanese charts and stayed at number one for a full 61 weeks. Crazy, right?! That was also their breakthrough and they made it into the US and European charts in 2018, 24 months after their founding. A career can hardly be steeper.

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"How You Like That" breaks record

Last Friday, June 26th, 2020, the new song “How You Like That” was released. In doing so, he broke several records - even though the song is not even a week old. Within 24 hours it was the most clicked video on the YouTube platform. And after just 6 days, the song has more than 187,000,000 views. It couldn't have gone better for the girl group. Will he still break the 500,000,000 mark this year? We are curious to see where the song will end up in the charts and how many more clicks will come. Already read? BTS, BLACKPINK & Co .: These are all K-Pop comebacks in summer!