Why doesn't Batman kill

Worse than its counterparts, DC reveals perhaps the best reason Batman doesn't kill

No matter what Zack Snyder or Tim Burton try to convince you: Batman doesn't kill. This can be very frustrating for the readers, but very grateful for the writers. Because if the Joker were dead, Gotham City would be a lot safer, but then the Dark Knight would need a new archenemy every week - we already know what kind of soft flutes this can result.

The DC reveals a new reason why the bat doesn't kill. In the course of the The Batman who laughs-Spin-off The Grim Knight. The Grim Knight is an evil version of Batman that is very similar to Marvel's Punisher. The Grim Knight uses firearms to remove any threat once and for all.

At first glance, the Grim Knight might not look that out of place: This Batman murdered the insane leader of the Red Hood gang before he could become a joker. So there are no super villains in Gotham City and crime is next to nonexistent.

However, this security also has its price: Because this Batman did nothing but murder all his life, the Grim Knight doesn't care about the safety of innocent people either. But on the contrary: In Gotham City he established a kind of surveillance state.

Thanks to the widespread technology from Wayne Industries, the Grim Knight can turn off (potential) criminals with the push of a button. A car drives off the bridge at once or - less subtle - a drone kills with a precise head shot. It even goes so far that this Batman installs obedience chipsthat explode, the wearer should not obey the will of the Grim Knight. Even Alfred Pennyworth has to wear a chip like that.

The Gotham City Police are grateful for this support - but not Jim Gordon: He emerges as the archenemy of the Grim Knight, who is doing everything to end the Batman dictatorship. The Grim Knight shows that Batman is the worst of them all Batman-Baddies becomes once he chooses to break his main rule.

The most important information about Batman in the DC Comics

The Batman who laughs # ​​1 is since December 13, 2018 available from DC Comics. The combination of Gotham's bat and insane clown was during the Dark Nights: MetalEvents of the leaders of the so-called "Dark Knights": Nightmarish, corrupted versions of Batman.

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