Are all drugs addicts

Addiction and drugs

Addiction is often associated with dramatic personal fates. It affects family members involved as well as friends or colleagues. Dependency disorders are serious chronic illnesses that can lead to significant health impairments and premature mortality.

Problem in Germany

Drugs and addictive substances cause considerable health, social and economic problems in Germany: According to representative studies (in particular the 2018 Epidemiological Addiction Survey), 12 million people smoke, 1.6 million people are addicted to alcohol and estimates suggest that 2.3 million people are dependent on drugs . Around 600,000 people have problematic use of cannabis and other illegal drugs and a good 500,000 people have problematic or even pathological gambling behavior. Excessive Internet use can also lead to dependent behavior: It can be assumed that around 560,000 people in Germany are online dependent.

The aim of our drug and addiction policy is to reduce the consumption of legal and illegal drugs and to avoid drug and addiction-related problems in our society. The legal addictive substances alcohol, tobacco and psychotropic drugs receive the greatest attention due to their great numerical importance. The main fields of action of addiction and drug policy are:

  • Prevention
    Education about the dangers of addictive substance or drug consumption should ensure that there is no harmful consumption or addiction in the first place.

  • Advice and treatment, help to get out
    The wide range of counseling and treatment offers for getting out of addictive behavior must be maintained and strengthened so that every addict can take advantage of the counseling and treatment that he needs.

  • Measures to reduce damage
    Survival aids or measures to reduce damage, such as exchanging syringes, stabilize the addict's health and social situation. This is a necessary prerequisite for a later exit from addiction.

  • Legal regulations to reduce supply
    Another element of drug and addiction policy are legal regulations restricting the supply of addictive substances and drugs. These include, for example, nonsmoker protection laws, the youth protection law and the narcotics law. The fight against drug-related crime also serves to reduce supply.

Many and very different actors are involved in the implementation of addiction and drug policy. So that the people affected can be helped effectively, the best possible coordination and coordination, in which all social forces are involved, is required.