What is your experience with CA?

Hotline 1450 and Corona test: What is your experience?

The number of those who tested positive for Corona is increasing - sometimes also because far more tests are carried out compared to spring. Vienna has set up so-called test streets where, for example, travelers returning without symptoms can be tested and get a result quickly and easily using a gargle test. Anyone who experiences symptoms such as fever, cough or shortness of breath should stay at home and contact health number 1450. Corona testing is organized here in your own four walls. We are currently working on faster tests - so-called antigen tests. These are already being tested and should be able to deliver a result in 30 minutes.

Until then, however, many of those affected will have to wait. It takes an average of 72 hours from the call to 1450 to the test result, according to the office of the responsible city councilor for health, Peter Hacker (SPĂ–). But it could take longer, they don't want to gloss over that. For this reason, the number of staff on the hotline and medical staff as well as on contact tracing will be increased. User "TUler" reports on his experience:

Poster "Captain Jack Harkness, Torchwood" also waited a long time for testing and results:

How long did you wait for the test?

And how long did it take to get a result? Report about your experience with the health number 1450, the testing and the waiting time! (probably, September 17, 2020)