What did the war of independence mean?

Why was there a War of Independence in America?

You have to know that towards the end of the 18th century a large part of the American colonies belonged to Great Britain. They were primarily economically dependent. This meant that, on the one hand, they had to deliver important raw materials to England and, at the same time, they had to buy their goods from the English, often quite expensive too. They were hardly allowed to produce any goods themselves and thus could not earn any money. This could not go well in the long run.

George Washington

After first fighting between the soldiers of the colonists and the British troops was George Washington - later the first President of the United States - in June 1775 Commander in Chief of the Army of the Colonists. This was inferior to the British soldiers in terms of numbers and strength.

The American Declaration of Independence

On July 4, 1776, the 13 insurgent colonies declared on the "Second Continental Congress" the independence of the United States of America. This day is celebrated in the United States to this day. The Declaration of Independence had Thomas Jefferson designed.

But not all people wanted this independence, which also entailed a great deal of responsibility. Historians are of the opinion that only a third wanted to be independent of the motherland at all. Many colonists fled to Canada or the British Isles in the West Indies.