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What is freedom What does she mean? How does she feel Elisa worries about when she feels free and what that means to her.

When I think of freedom, the first thing I think of is a horse galloping across a field. I think of wings and flies. To experience an adventure without obstacles, without stop signs, not bound to anything or anyone, that means freedom for me.


Does freedom really mean not having to be tied to anything? So why do I feel free when I'm sitting in my room or when I'm talking to someone? Because freedom doesn't just mean endless space without ties. Freedom means doing something that makes you happy. It means being allowed to be who you are. You can also be free with someone because they accept you and you can be yourself with them.

My best friend makes me feel free. The horse Ronja gives me the feeling of freedom. Horses don't care what you look like. Do you love them, do they love you. They don't lie to you and take you for who you are. When I ride Ronja, I am free. It's like flying. I love the head wind and feel how it blows all my thoughts out of my head. I forget all worries and fears, I'm only in the here and now.

One also has freedom in faith. You can believe what you want and you can believe in being allowed to feel free. My faith gives me freedom. God loves me for who I am and accepts all of my mistakes and fears. That gives me the strength and the faith to do anything, even if it seems impossible.

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She plays the organ, loves horses, angels and their friends. Elisa is 14 years old and lives with her family in Mindelaltheim.

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