What is the Star Trek Effect

Centrifugal effect

The Centrifugal effect is an effect that is used in maneuvers. Here, the gravity of a stellar object is used, depending on whether it is used at sub-light speed or high warp speed, there are different possible applications.

Simple acceleration [edit | Edit source]

This effect is an old principle that has been known on Earth since early space travel. A spaceship accelerates using the strong pull of an object and ultimately reaches the necessary escape speed to get away from the object.

Captain Picard uses this effect in 2366 in an asteroid field mined with acetone assimilators to power the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D) to maneuver out of the field with minimal energy consumption. (TNG:The energy trap)

In addition to this, the ship can also accelerate with its own propulsion systems in order to increase the effect. (TAS:The disembodied being)

Time travel [edit | Edit source]

With Warp you can take a trip back in time through the centrifugal effect, this is known as the "sling effect". (TNG:The future is silent)

Another application is discovered more by chance than the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) gets into the gravity range of a black star, escapes at warp speed and takes a journey back in time to the year 1969. (TOS:Tomorrow is yesterday)

A few months later, the crew undertakes the Enterprise with this method a new journey back in time to 1968 to investigate a nuclear incident and a third time with the HMS Bounty in 1986 to save the earth from the whale probe by bringing some humpback whales into the future. (TOS:A planet called earth, Star Trek IV: Back to the Present)

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