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Fitness equipment for home and gyms

Technogym offers a wide range of fitness equipment that is suitable for both Gyms as well as for At home suitable. The range includes devices with which every part of the body can be trained. All equipment was according to the latest Technologies developed and with special attention from Comfort and the health of athletes. Treadmills, exercise bikes and cross trainers are mainly suitable for cardio and leg muscle training. Stands and rowing machines focus on chest muscle development, while others multifunctional and can be used for different areas of the body. Some examples are the exercise benches, kinesis and multistations. Thanks to these devices, it is possible to do a complete workout to improve the performance of your abdominal muscles, while increasing the strength of your arms, chest and legs. With the help of the virtual trainer Technogym makes the possibilities that each device offers and its uses clear and practicable for everyone.

Buy fitness equipment

All products can easily be purchased on the website. This is well organized, as all devices are divided into categories and contain a full description of the features and areas of application. In addition to the large devices, there is also the option to buy smaller accessories to complement your Home gym to complete. The offer doesn't end there. The website also offers the opportunity to customize purchases to suit a wide variety of needs. With the Premium Services for smart facilities, you can position the devices in the best possible way in various environments (cruise ships, hotels, fitness studios, at home, etc.). Digital products and group training are also offered on the website. Once you have selected the product you are interested in, it will be added to the shopping cart, from there you can choose the payment method. Payment in installments is also possible. The day and time of delivery can then be agreed.

Compact fitness machine

The most compact fitness machine is certainly the one Technogym bench. In it you will find everything you need for your training. By using the elastic bands, the hexagon dumbbells, the weight cuffs and the exercise file, you can do more than 200 exercises for the whole body. The elastic bands are particularly effective for muscles and joints and also promote mobility; the dumbbells are best for strengthening arms and chest, while the weight cuffs are best for strengthening the core through their challenging exercises. Your home will never be cluttered, as each accessory has its own dedicated space. All of this is designed on a compact footprint and thanks to the integrated castors, the bench is very easy to move. The motto is always to act for convenience and functionality.

Professional accessories for a complete home fitness study

A Gym consists not only of devices but needed to be complete, too equipment. This usually takes up little space, but is essential for various workouts if your goal is to develop all areas of the body. Every accessory has its function, from cardio with the jump rope to strengthening with the elastic set and the medicine ball to balance with the balance pad and the balance dome. Kits are also available that contain everything you need for specific workouts. "Strength and recovery", "Flexibility, stretching and relaxation" and "Cardio and strength" are the names of the kits, each consisting of several specific elements. All kits come in handy Technogym bags so you can always carry them with you.

Professional fitness equipment

The professional equipment from Technogym offers the best training experience. All aspects of the devices are covered in detail. The design is neat and easily adapts to any type of facility. The materials chosen are of high quality to ensure the best comfort and make the devices more secure without slipping or damaging the joints. Each device and accessory is specific and together they enable the whole body to be trained. Thanks to the prepared Exercise programs and the virtual trainers, all exercises can be carried out easily by both professionals and beginners. In fact, technology plays a fundamental role, and especially devices like the treadmill and exercise bike always offer the possibility of having a monitor to monitor and record one's own performance in order to constantly improve. This makes it easy and fun to keep fit.

Professional fitness equipment for medical centers

Exercise is very important for the prevention of many diseases. For this reason, Technogym has also developed devices that are particularly suitable for such activities and in medical facilities such as Clinics, Hospitals or Retirement homes can be used. The main areas of application are physical therapy and medical fitness. Thanks to these machines, it is possible to improve the lives of customers and to spend more time treating patients. With the help of the technology it is even possible to collect and save information about the state of health of patients in order to evaluate them and constantly monitor the parameters. The results can then be measured and reported to your doctor. Access to the digital area is very easy and can be done via Bluetooth. Digital coaching and training programs are also available there. All devices are designed to be designed for maximum results and minimum stress on the body.