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Availability and conclusion

Nintendo Labo is available as a multi-kit for 70 euros and as a robot kit for 80 euros. The USK grants an age rating from 6 years. Both kits were made available to us for testing by Nintendo. We were able to try out the standard functions for a week. We are planning a separate article for the Toy-Con-Garage, i.e. your own programming with Labo.


  1. SSI SCHAEFER IT Solutions GmbH, Giebelstadt near W├╝rzburg
  2. University Hospital Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main

Players who have already bought a Switch for Zelda or Mario and are now wondering whether Labo is worthwhile for them - probably not. Not if they don't have children of their own. Because the nicest thing about Nintendo Labo is the joint construction of the real toys with the kids. The current software, as detailed and clever as it is, seldom captivates adult gamers for more than ten minutes.

The little ones, on the other hand, can occupy themselves with the mini-games for a long time and, above all, learn a lot. In this regard, Nintendo has given Labo the title of educationally valuable with asterisks and a smiley face. The engineers have done a convincing job here.

Parents should help with small-scale and fiddly work such as sticking reflective strips or clamping rubber bands. Even they will learn a thing or two in the process. The instruction and game texts are motivating and funny, the explanatory videos are detailed.

Due to the possibility of experimenting with Labo beyond the limits of the current entry-level software, one or the other architect, engineer or programmer should actually say in 20 years: "It all started for me back then with Labo."

If you only want to choose one Labo-Kit, we definitely recommend the Multi-Kit. It offers a variety of experiences, more varied handicrafts at smaller intervals and - yes - more fun. The robotic backpack quickly left us cold after the initial coolness bonus. Adapting it to multiple players is time-consuming, it is surprisingly noisy and the included game only has a demo character. The robot kit therefore only makes sense if you already know what you want to develop yourself with it in the workshop.

We are curious to see what Nintendo will come up with for the future of Labo, because the input devices work very precisely. The only problem is with the games. So we're in a similar situation to the 2006 launch of the Wii. At that time, Nintendo produced relatively little more complex software itself after Wii Sports. We would like things to be different with Labo. However, we are not particularly hopeful. At least the little ones have fun, which the big ones enjoy too.

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