What's your favorite book title

of Zoe St.Claire ┬╗Thu May 22, 2014 8:03 pm

Again, several books are shortlisted for me.
First there is the Divergent trilogy - but most likely Insurgent, the second part. I anticipated the obvious plot twist, but the twist in the twist was surprising. I didn't see the end coming like this either, but I didn't like it.

Another book was "The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry".
A great and very pleasant book with a surprising ending. In retrospect you think: I should have seen this coming. The evidence was actually there. But still it's surprising.

The last book is of course by Dan Brown, The DaVinci Code / Da Vinci Code.

How did I devour this book. How shocked and surprised I was about the ending and the plot twist.
Dan Brown is a master at this. The DaVinci Code was the first book I read from him. Meteor the second and that also surprised me. Unfortunately, I was able to understand his way of writing so well that the surprise in the other 3 books was not so great. But I also expected the most unlikely and that happened then.

Since it really grabbed me back then, I choose The DaVinci Code!