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The information and communication technology (ICT) industry is a key driver of digitization in Germany with currently more than 1.2 million employees and a turnover of 260 billion euros. The ICT service providers generate 63 percent and the ICT hardware manufacturers 37 percent of sales.

The ICT sector is one of the highly innovative industries that make an above-average contribution to overall economic growth in Germany. This can also be seen in the innovator quota, i.e. the proportion of companies that have introduced a new or significantly improved product or a new or significantly improved process in the last three years. With an above-average 59%, the ICT sector is in third place behind vehicle construction and electrical engineering / mechanical engineering. As a cross-sectional technology, ICT enables and initiates many product and process innovations in almost all other industries. The gross value added in the ICT sector currently reaches a value of 112 billion euros. This puts the ICT industry on a par with the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Key data of the German ICT industry

20172018Change in 2017/2018 in percent
Gross value added (in billion euros)108,6112,4+3,6
Gross value added as a percentage of total commercial value added4,84,8
Sales (in billion euros)251,6260,4+3,5
Turnover as a percentage of total turnover in the commercial economy4,04,1
Employees (in millions)1,181,24+ 5,2
Number of ICT companies97.85099.600+ 1,8

Source: BMWi: ICT-Economy 2018 - Economic indicators, innovation and start-ups

The BMWi as a contact ...

  • makes a significant contribution to the Federal Government's “Shaping Digitization” implementation strategy.
  • has set up the "Young Digital Economy Advisory Board".
  • With the new research project “Development and measurement of the digitization of the economy in Germany”, it offers an evidence-based basis for future digital policy decisions.
  • is in charge of the digital summit process. The next digital summit will take place on November 30th and December 1st, 2020 in Jena.
  • shapes the legal framework for digital change.
  • promotes the development and application of digital technologies in business and administration, supports young companies, founders and medium-sized companies.
  • provides assistance with questions about funding programs.