Is Marshadow legendary or mythical

Legendary Pokémon

In every Pokémon game there are extraordinary Pokémon, which are known as legendary.

Here are some characteristics and facts that make legendary Pokémon so special:

  • You can only catch them once per game.
  • Legendary Pokémon have high stats, which makes some considered Uber.
  • You cannot breed any of the Pokemon (except Manaphy) because they are gender neutral.
  • Some can be obtained in the normal course of the game, others only through a special ticket or event.
  • Many legendary Pokémon have something divine about them. For example, in Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald Groudon is the creator of the continents and Kyogre is the Pokémon that created the sea.

Legendary first-generation Pokémon

There are five legendary Pokémon in the first generation. These are:

Legendary second generation Pokémon

In the second generation, six new legendary Pokémon were added. These new ones are:

Legendary third generation Pokémon

In the third generation, ten new legendary Pokémon were added:

Legendary fourth generation Pokémon

In the fourth generation, 14 new legendary Pokémon were added:

Legendary fifth generation Pokémon

In the fifth generation, thirteen new legendary Pokémon are added:

Legendary sixth generation Pokémon

With the sixth generation, the following six legendary Pokémon were added:

Legendary seventh generation Pokémon

With the seventh generation, the following eleven legendary Pokémon were added:

So right now there are a total of 66 Legendary Pokémon.