What's the saddest movie with dogs

Sad dog movies

Dog films are often something for the heart, very often also something for the whole family and sometimes films with dogs are just deeply sad. Here is a list of the sad dog movies.

There are sad dog films where there is simply a tissue alarm. For the faint-hearted, watching such films is unbearable, and hard-boiled people get wet eyes while watching. Of course, such a list with the saddest dog films always reflects a subjective feeling and of course it is difficult to give a first, second, fifth or seventh place. Is Hachiko - A Wonderful Friendship really that much sadder than Antarctica - Trapped in the Ice? Is Maley & Me really a sad dog movie? After all, Marley is not doing really badly in his life, he also reaches a normal dog age, and that a dog always dies too early is sad in itself, but in this case also the normal course of things. So how can Marley & I be called a sad film when there are much sadder dog films like Antarctica or Hachiko? Or his friend Yellow, who is a lot sadder than Marley, even if there is a conciliatory end here.

So here is a list of the saddest dog movies in the world.

Hachiko - a wonderful friendship

How sad is this dog movie? On our scale, Hachiko - A Wonderful Friendship scores 7 out of 10 handkerchiefs.
Hachiko and his master are simply separated too early. From the moment Hachiko begins to wait in vain for the professor, one suffers with the loyal dog and even hardboiled people will have to push away a tear or two. Hachiko - a wonderful friendship

Quill - a friend for life

How sad is this dog movie? On our scale, Quill - A Friend for Life scores 7 out of 10 handkerchiefs.
The film is sad in various places, for example when Quill has to leave his first training family at the age of one to become a guide dog. Later they split up again when Quill's first blind master falls ill and he has to give up the dog. At the end of the film at the latest, handkerchiefs are urgently needed. Quill - a friend for life

Marley & me

How sad is this dog movie? On our scale, Marley & I ranks 5 out of 10 handkerchiefs.
Marley & Ich is actually one of the more funny and chaotic family films. Every now and then you suffer with the eternally scolded Marley in the film, for example, when seriously considering abolishing him again because he is so exhausting. But it's only the end of the film that is really sad, because Marley's whole life is told. And if dog owners know something, it is that the life of their four-legged friend is simply too short. So in the end the handkerchiefs have to be pulled out. Marley & me

Lady and the Tramp

How sad is this dog movie? On our scale, Lady and the Tramp got 3 out of 10 handkerchiefs.
Yes, there are sad scenes in Lady and the Tramp, especially when things are unfair. And of course the scene in which a dog is led to be killed in the animal sanctuary is also very sad. Apart from this scene, everything turns for the better very quickly and so the sad mood in this love story is limited to a few scenes. And the end is also a typical happy ending. Lady and the Tramp